[Express] “Sunflowers are in full bloom in Nagoya”

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[Express] "Sunflowers are in full bloom in Nagoya"
In Nagoya, sunflowers are in full bloom.

Sunflower normally blooms in summer, when is from July to August in Japan.
It is unusual that they become in full bloom at the end of October.

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[Express] “I Girasoli sono in piena fioritura a Nagoya”

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A Nagoya i Girasoli sono in piena fioritura

I Girasoli normalmente fioriscono in estate, da Luglio ad Agosto in Giappone.
E’ insolito che siano in piena fioritura alla fine di Ottobre.

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Français :

[Express] Les tournesols sont en pleine floraison à Nagoya

Les tournesols fleurissent normalement en été, entre juillet et août au Japon.
Il est inhabituel qu’ils soient en pleine floraison fin octobre.

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