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[Japan Today] Japan’s radiation monitoring unreliable: Greenpeace

<Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — Government radiation monitoring in areas near Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is unreliable, Greenpeace charged on Tuesday, with heavily populated areas exposed to 13 times

Spent Fuel Pools

Edano, Minister of Economy, “Nuclear Spent fuel should be stocked in Tokyo and other big city areas”

The entire spent fuel pools in Japan will be completely full within 6 years from now. (cf. Rokkasho reprocessing plant, “If JP Gov abandons fuel reprocessing, we’ll send back spent


Cesium measured from 67% of the soybeans produced in Iwate

According to the food measurement of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Cs-134/137 were measured from 30 of 45 soybean samples produced in Iwate prefecture. (67%) They are from 17

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Mr.Koide “Robot technology can’t be help, human must decommission Fukushima by themselves.”

Tepco is trying to develop robot technology to settle down Fukushima. (cf. Tepco developing remote controlling robots, wall crawler, airship, RPV diver, etc..) On 10/18/2012, Mr. Koide commented Tepco can’t


To avoid the risk of explosion, Tepco is to inject nitrogen gas to suppression chamber of reactor1 for a month

Tepco is going to inject nitrogen gas to suppression chamber of reactor1. Fukushima TV reported, reactor1 has been having density of hydrogen gas and Krypton unstable since this April. Tepco

Support by eating

Ministry of Agriculture paid TV company $1,090,000 for “Support by eating” TV commercial,with fishery agency bankrupt

The sum of subsidy that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries paid for mass media was reported. On the other hand, disaster areas are not paid enough and suffering from

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

[Express] “5mm boil on the gum for 10days, it’s becoming worse”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   下顎歯茎裏側5m大のおできだか嚢胞10日目。#被曝日記 — life surfer さん (@lohAasy) 10月 23, 2012 <Translate> I’ve been having 5mm of a boil or cyst on the

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco is going to stop coolant system of SFP reactor4 for 56 hours

At 9:36AM of 10/22/2012, Tepco stopped SFP4 coolant system for the part replacing. They are to stop it for 56 hours. The temperature is estimated to increase from 29℃ to

Column Cover-ups

[Column] My early 20s

Even before 311, I hadn’t been paid enough. I was always poor for some reason. so I was always doing my business. Most of them were silly ideas, but export