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Core removing struggle

Reactor1 losing water and temperature is in increasing trend

RPV water level is decreasing in reactor1, and PCV temperature is in the reverse trend to be picking up. Every time RPV water level drops, PCV temperature picks up.  


US Los Alamos National Laboratory developed the technology to detect the exact place of melted fuel in reactors

On 10/17/2012, Los Alamos National Laboratory announced they developed the technology to detect where the melted fuels are in reactors. They put multiple detectors on both sides of the reactor

Spent Fuel Pools

Spent fuel in JP amounts 26,000 vitrification, “50yrs cooling before 100,000yrs geographical disposal,1500Sv/h surface”

The Science Council of Japan suggested JAEC (Atomic Energy Commission of Japan) to review geographical disposal of radioactive vitrified object. Vitrified object is produced by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. The


A Japanese movie director was hit by a car and died after showing his plan to make a movie against Tepco

On 10/12/2012, Mr. Wakamatsu, a japanese movie director was run over by taxi in Shinjuku ku Tokyo. He died on 10/17/2012. On 9/4/2012, he attended Venice international film festival and


White sparrow found in Gunma

  White sparrow was found in Maebashi city Gunma. Mr. Hukai from Japan wild bird society Gunma branch comments, they sometimes see the ones with white parts but it’s almost

Export from Japan Misinformation Support by eating

Export “Support by eating” to America

Future From Fukushima Concept contained in the slogan “Future From Fukushima”. Let each one of us start to step forward toward the revitalization! And, let new movements start from Fukushima!


Mutated black tree frog found in Toyama

Black tree frog was found in Uozu city Toyama. Tree frog is usually green. Tree frog has black, yellow and rainbow pigments. This mutated one doesn’t have the rainbow pigment


[Column] On the bus

In the morning, I felt really sick on the bus to go to the company. It wasn’t car sickness. I was going to tell them I would quit the company