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Today’s news -Japanese 9/30/2012

Second one in Japanese. hope anyone to translate it.       <Settlement report 9/29 ~ 30> Thank you for donation !             Iori Mochizuki


[Japan Today] Noda to announce new cabinet lineup

<Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is expected to reshuffle his cabinet on Monday afternoon, with changes aimed at cooling a raging maritime dispute with China. Commentators


Fukushima city is going to send inspectors to Gomel in Belarus to learn their policy of health management

Fukushima is supposed to be safe. (cf. Fukushima prefecture to build the research center of anticancer drug in Fukushima city [Link]) However, Fukushima city government is collecting inspectors for Gomel

Confirmed effects

3/19/2011 Yamashita, “It’s not serious enough to take iodine tablets”

43.7% of children turned out to have nodules or cysts in Fukushima city [Link] and Fukushima prefectural government is starting to build the research center of anticancer drug with Fukushima

Effects to be confirmed

Fukushima prefecture to build the research center of anticancer drug in Fukushima city

Fukushima prefectural government and Fukushima medical university are going to build the research center to study cancer cases. Obtained data is to be sent to medicine makers to develop new

Food contamination

Cesium from mushroom made in Kyushu, sold in west coast of Japan

According to the report of  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, cesium was measured from mushroom made in Ohita prefecture, in Kyushu of western Japan. It was sold in Niigata


Thinking about nuclear (Japanese) 9/29/2012

Greeting and a thought about nuclear. I would be happy if someone adds English subtitle and something else..   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : En examinant le nucléaire (Japonais) 29


[Japan Today] One dead, 30 injured in explosions at Himeji chemical plant

<Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — A firefighter died and at least 30 others were injured in explosions at a large chemical plant in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, on Saturday, a local


[Japan Today] Low-key 40th anniversary of Japan-China ties

<Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — China and Japan on Saturday marked the 40th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic ties, but no major celebrations were likely with relations at historic


Fukushima hospital imported new WBC equipment, distributer “It can’t measure internal exposure”

  Kuwano kyoritsu hospital in Koriyama city held a press conference on 9/24/2012. The hospital imported equipment to measure internal exposure from USA. It’s 2.3m high, 90cm wide, 60cm depth,