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Effects to be confirmed

[Express] “Since we moved to Malaysia, children’s runny nose,nosebleed, and asthma were stopped.”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   マレーシアに来て子どもたちの鼻水が出ないだけでなく、娘の喘息も出ない。しょっちゅう出ていた娘の鼻血も止まった。転地療養と言う言葉があるけど、まさに療養になってることを実感。 — ikuko_nittaさん (@ikurann) 10月 19, 2012 <Translate> Since we came to Malaysia, my children don’t have runny nose, and my

Contaminated water crisis Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

Fukushima coolant water comes directly to underground water ? Boron detected from underground water in Iwaki

On 10/25/2012, Fukushima prefectural board of education announced 6.9 mg/L of boron was detected from the underground water in Iwaki city Fukushima. The safety limit is 1 mg/L. Boric acid

Export from Japan Food contamination

Cattle fed with uncontaminated grass had infertility in Gunma

On 10/26/2012, 190 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from beef in Numata city Gunma. It was incinerated. The female cattle (14) had been fed grass without cesium from April to

Sea contamination

[Express] ”My aunt died of acute leukemia, she loved Sushi”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   叔母が急性白血病で亡くなった。お寿司が大好きで、先週の一時退院のときも食べに行ったそう。因果関係については、家族の誰も疑ってはいなかった。 — ほっぺたりんごさん (@blue_planet8) 8月 11, 2012 <Translate> (Southern Tama, Tokyo) My aunt died of acute leukemia. She loved Sushi. When


[Column] Living evidence

People don’t believe me living on blogging. and it’s not even advertisement, it’s donation. When I left Japan last December, I had no idea how to live on. In France,