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Core removing struggle

Hydrogen concentration rapidly increased in PCV reactor1

Tepco has been injecting nitrogen gas into suppression chamber of reactor1 since 10/23/2012. (cf. To avoid the risk of explosion, Tepco is to inject nitrogen gas to suppression chamber of

Effects to be confirmed

Number of Angina case from Jan to Jun of 2012 already reached 80% of whole 2010 in Fukushima

The proxy of the director of Ohara general hospital medical center analyzed angina and cardiac insufficiency cases jumped up since 311 in the hospital. The hospital is in Fukushima city.

Support by eating

Japanese actress Kitagawa Keiko, “can’t memorize the lines of TV drama”

Kitagawa Keiko (26), a Japanese actress is having difficulty to memorize lines of TV drama. On 10/9/2012, she was supposed to record 5 stories of a TV drama series but


3,421 Bq/Kg from dried strips of radishes Fukushima, “Radioactive dusts in air got to the dried radish”

Fukushima agricultural research center concluded radioactive dusts and particles are floating in air, it gets to things drought outside. They measured 3,421 Bq/Kg of cesium from dried strips of radish


JP PM Noda having health problem “Eyes hurt, having a sore throat”

A Japanese journalist, Kaga Kouei reported Japanese Prime Minister Noda is having health problems. It is told that Noda is having an unusually swollen face, eyelids, sore throat and his


[Column] Walking the wire

Like most of the other things, I didn’t start Fukushima Diary because I was a good journalist or have an excellent skill of translation. As you see, my Engrish is