Merry Xmas !

Though it’s the morning of the Xmas ,been busy at catching up all the news so haven’t even gotten out of the room yet. It’s 11:19AM

Had a fabulous Xmas dinner last night. That was definitely one of the best Xmas dinners I have ever had.
They seem to have opened the Xmas presents a couple of hours ago ,but I keep shooting the bulltes of the fact here in the room.

In terms of the traffic and ads profit ,it has been the worst these couple of
Probably nobody wants to read such depressive news. I’m doubtful that anyone wants to give urine test for Xmas present too.

but I’m writing because radionuclides don’t have Xmas vacation ,and if I’m shut up ,so many of Japanese people would lose their mouth to all over the world.
There were so many news about the plants and the contamination situation ,but I put higher priority to report people having the low dose symptoms already ,such as the minami soma woman or Nakagawa Shoko ,and Noguchi ken etc..

Apart from this ,it seems like the “flu” to cause you to vomit and diarrhea is prevailing.
A lot of people have it in winter. I used to have it too.
but I’m sure there are too many people to have it this year though mostly,it’s a flu of children.
I suspect it’s because of the weaken immune system.

As far as I know ,there are least blogs to report about low dose symptoms around in Tokyo. Maybe because it’s hard to find the connection between the symptom and the radiation.They are likely to receive lots of hateful (corrupted) messages like “I live in there but I’m totally healthy.Don’t spread the lies and make people scared. You only want to earn the money from the traffic.”

but it’s worth of reporting. Trying to keep yourself sane from those hateful (corrupted) comments is one of the jobs of a blogger.

Some people have symptoms no matter how low the radiation level is. It actually has nothing to do with the level of the radiation. It’s not the amount. It’s the matter of possibility.
You could imagine a person who gets red and tipsy with just one glass of wine though none of the others are drunk at the party.
Everyone is different. Let’s respect the difference of individuals and try not to leave them behind.

Whether it’s Xmas or not ,people get sick. I must blog.
If you have some time after Xmas ,please have a look. I guess enenews and will be busy after their vacation to check up Fukushima Diary.

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