Merry Xmas !

Though it’s the morning of the Xmas ,been busy at catching up all the news so haven’t even gotten out of the room yet. It’s 11:19AM

Had a fabulous Xmas dinner last night. That was definitely one of the best Xmas dinners I have ever had.
They seem to have opened the Xmas presents a couple of hours ago ,but I keep shooting the bulltes of the fact here in the room.

In terms of the traffic and ads profit ,it has been the worst these couple of
Probably nobody wants to read such depressive news. I’m doubtful that anyone wants to give urine test for Xmas present too.

but I’m writing because radionuclides don’t have Xmas vacation ,and if I’m shut up ,so many of Japanese people would lose their mouth to all over the world.
There were so many news about the plants and the contamination situation ,but I put higher priority to report people having the low dose symptoms already ,such as the minami soma woman or Nakagawa Shoko ,and Noguchi ken etc..

Apart from this ,it seems like the “flu” to cause you to vomit and diarrhea is prevailing.
A lot of people have it in winter. I used to have it too.
but I’m sure there are too many people to have it this year though mostly,it’s a flu of children.
I suspect it’s because of the weaken immune system.

As far as I know ,there are least blogs to report about low dose symptoms around in Tokyo. Maybe because it’s hard to find the connection between the symptom and the radiation.They are likely to receive lots of hateful (corrupted) messages like “I live in there but I’m totally healthy.Don’t spread the lies and make people scared. You only want to earn the money from the traffic.”

but it’s worth of reporting. Trying to keep yourself sane from those hateful (corrupted) comments is one of the jobs of a blogger.

Some people have symptoms no matter how low the radiation level is. It actually has nothing to do with the level of the radiation. It’s not the amount. It’s the matter of possibility.
You could imagine a person who gets red and tipsy with just one glass of wine though none of the others are drunk at the party.
Everyone is different. Let’s respect the difference of individuals and try not to leave them behind.

Whether it’s Xmas or not ,people get sick. I must blog.
If you have some time after Xmas ,please have a look. I guess enenews and will be busy after their vacation to check up Fukushima Diary.

  1. “In terms of the traffic and ads profit ,it has been the worst these couple of
    Probably nobody wants to read such depressive news. I’m doubtful that anyone wants to give urine test for Xmas present too. [..] Trying to keep yourself sane from those hateful (corrupted) comments is one of the jobs of a blogger.”

    Haha, this made me laugh!
    I’m reading every day, lol. Sometimes twice a day. Seriously, this isn’t true that people don’t want to read this (I think). It’s very interesting, that, someone even wants to share the news about yourselves and about Japan. When I get some money, I will give you a donation.

    And about those comments:
    “[Please note that Iori Mochizuki-san is on JAPANESE TIME so there may be some delay before he responds]”
    is still as a message above the form, but since you moved out, maybe you can change this.

    Thanks for the great column again. This blog is seriously good. You made my day once again: merry Christmas!

    1. hahaha yeah ,I’m not in JP time anymore ,right.
      I try to respond to 2 or 3 mails a day but I receive 50 ~ 100 mails everyday ,so I’m always behind the time.
      I could reply to all of them everyday but I think it’s better for me to spend more time on catching up with news. We were just taking I’d need a manager to do things around
      so sorry for everyone if you didn’t get my reply. It’s not on purpose. It’s just because earth rotates too fast.

  2. Merry Christmas Mochizuki !

    Happy you had a very nice time for Christmas, me too. It’s been very sunny today and peaceful. Because some work on Christmas in the family, we will celebrate this Birth Time tomorrow in the snowy mountains!

    I would really appreciate today to know that information on radiation detox is spreading. It seems Japanese are very curious and get well informed when they want to. But I can’t figure out how many know of this at all. It would be precious to know if certain symptoms can be moderated or not with the detox programs. Could even be helpful to gather the energy to flee or do whatever is necessary in each’s life. People need to experiment the best and they do it through avoiding intake as much as they can ,and could be very serious about detox and realize to what extend the problem is, according to their location. Maybe this woman could start this… in Japanese! Could you pass it? It’s nothing like ginnypig, it’s about doing the best possible and completing available information and knowledge. Better than nothing or wondering if… !

    I aim to a nuclear free world, but clearly see it’ll be for my gran-gran-…gran-children. There aren’t any places left on this planet which are really radioisotop free. Hope we stop soon, but it’ll take centuries to monitor all this stuff. Meaning we need ways to minimize impact on future generations and as possible for all life here. It’s possible to avoid some hotspots, but we are living with it. As European, I’ve been served food up to 1250Bq/kg since my youth and my mum was born during the peak of atmospheric testings! Oh waou! And heavy metals tend to be discharged from mother to baby during pregnancy… of course I can not say with this I’m free of radionucleids.

    But real tabou is on detox information up to now. Like a Baby, please find a way to give Birth to it. I’ll be the midwife. But I can do nothing with computers to put this information world widely available like you or other widely followed websites on the subject. Push hard it’s a big and beautyful Baby!

    Please and thank you.

  3. Thank you for your courage to tell the truth, no matter the hateful naysayers. I am in the United States Midwest, and I am getting symptoms that I know are from radiation (I’m one of the extremely extremely sensitive ones). It’s amazing the attacks I get, especially online, if I talk about it or if I talk about getting sick after eating various foods – too scary for most people to directly confront with a rational mind. If people knew the contamination existed, the stores would not be able to sell their food without question, like they do.

    People will even call someone crazy for speaking the truth about radiation sickness, because governments and the nuclear industry are covering it up so much. Even the doctors may not listen to us. One doctor didn’t offer any help when I told him about my symptoms and suggested radiation as the cause.

    So, the food (and air and water) contamination is here too. Still, I feel for the Japanese people who have it so much worse and so much faster, and who need to leave to a safer place.

    The whole situation has left me brokenhearted, and I’m struggling to find hope for the earth and for its people. My Christmas was ruined by this, but I will feel better when my symptoms subside again. Then when I get sick (dizzy, foggy-headed, headache, weak, and other symptoms) after eating particular new foods, I will feel sad again to be reminded that we are all being poisoned – some slowly, some quickly. Lest anyone think this won’t affect them, they should think about what they will do if there won’t be any people alive to run the services they depend on in society. When my symptoms become everyone else’s symptoms, or their cancers. When Japan’s plight becomes their neighbors’ and their family’s plight. It already is – they just don’t know it yet.

    I hope that together we can make this better. And I hope the Japanese people can get evacuated, to start. As sad as I am, I still think there may be hope, but it all starts with knowing the truth. And that means people like you who are speaking out.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am grateful for your site and all of the truth you are telling the world. In my 59 years I have believed the truth is one of the most important things in life. You are doing the world a great and honorable thing. Thank You.


  5. yes, it’s been hard to keep up with news on my favorite blogs while on the road. Why taking the long road? To see family when the radio-weather is too bad for flying… It is sad how Fuku affects so much, all the time. It’s sad that I don’t feel safe partaking of any food I want. But, I still believe, with the Christmas spirit, that we shall overcome. Keep up the good works, wherever you are!

  6. I never had to watch what I eat before or cringe at what others may be eating during the holidays…but, I’m very grateful I’m still feeling well! God bless, Mr. M.!

    1. You are wise to avoid questionable foods.

      And it’s hard to watch people all around having symptoms that are very possibly radiation sickness, while they either have no idea or they ignore warnings and keep on with the same behaviors. For Thanksgiving I passed on the leafy greens, cheese (especially creamy), butter, seafood (for reasons even besides Fukushima), and other high-risk foods, while plenty at the dinner came down with the “stomach flu” right after. They will swear it was stomach flu.

      If you press some on it, they will surely get angry and not listen, as has happened. So you stop warning them, while they continue to give their children known high-risk radioactive food that deposits itself into their vital organs, on a daily basis. But so does most everyone else, because the news didn’t tell them not to.

      Anyway, I’m regularly getting symptoms (usually following a distinct pattern) from not only fresh food, but also frozen and the occasional fast food. From my unfortunate experiences, at least in some places the radiation has worked its way into items on the high-risk radioactive iodine and cesium lists. Those are main foods I will avoid from here out, but it’s by no means all-inclusive. The complete list is likely much larger, especially when I consider that my particular health profile will cause me certain sensitivities but probably leave out many other isotopes. That list of dangerous foods will only get longer unless we quickly figure out ways to outsmart the radiation in our food culture.

      1. I went crazy on stocking up on any safe foods I could find. I prefer not to take any chances and “test” out foods… I have accidentally eaten some baddies a few times, including California dairy in some cookies. Wow–that stuff was amiss!! Never again.

        What do you find to be the worst foods, by experience?

        I really savor the pre-Fuku items and I find that Central & South America foods can fill in a lot of gaps as for fruit and produce. And you know when something seems “weird.” And the contrast when you’re eating something clean as a whistle. I ate some organic kiwi from New Zealand not long ago. It was like heaven.

        At any rate, I seem to have really gotten the message about eternal emitters! I’ll go to some hassle to avoid them. 😛

        Lovin’ the old beans, rice, & pasta routine.

        1. That’s what they should call it–eternal emitters, not just internal emitters–ha! 😛

  7. Hi moshizuki,
    Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year! I like others have been traveling to spend christmas with relatives and friends. Thanks for the info,enjoy your new health and new home.

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