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Fukushima citizen, “We didn’t see bugs this summer, children are made carry a portable shrine in black rain”

In Hibiya concert hall, they held an anti-nuclear protest on 10/13/2012. Ms. Morisono from Koriyama city Fukushima had a great speech in the protest. (3:50 ~)   ” 今年の夏、私が住んでいる地域ではカ、蛾、コガネムシが This


Chiba cherry blossoms blooming in Autumn too

On 10/10/2012, Cherry blossoms (Prunus yedoensis) were found blooming in Narita city Chiba. 2 ~ 3 flowers are blooming on 2 branches. The next day, Kawazu cherry tree and wild

Food contamination Malformation

Triple heads mushroom found in Tokushima

Tokushima newspaper reported Matsutake mushroom with three heads was found in the first week of October. 2012. Tokushima is in Shikoku, western Japan.   It’s 18cm long, 160g weight. It’s


Japanese comedian Masayuki Watanabe looking very sick

Japanese comedian, Masayuki Watanabe (born in 1956) looks like he has a serious disease. He is looking different since 2011. ↓ May. 2011   ↓ August. 2012 芸人の渡辺正行さん(1956年生まれ)が 体調が悪いように見えます。 2011年から 見た目が違っています。 ↓ 2011年5月

Export from Japan Food contamination

America to restart importing Fukushima beef

As of 10/23/2012, America will restart importing beef from Fukushima. They will be sold at high-end restaurants. America hasn’t imported Japanese beef for 2 years and 6 months.   Related


Emperor and empress went to see the decontamination in Kawauchi mura, “They wear no mask, no protective clothing”

In the afternoon of 10/13/2012, Japanese emperor and empress visited Kawauchi mura Fukushima. (cf. Japanese emperor and empress to visit 30km area to watch decontamination) They didn’t even wear mask


[Column] If I had my room.

It’s been about 10 months since I left Japan. I have been travelling 8 countries (Source = my passport) , stayed at more than 20 places. I want to think


Infantile disease respiratory syncytial virus infection is spiking up in Japan, “Highest in past 10 years”

Respiratory syncytial virus infection is a children’s disease. Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, or RSV, is a respiratory virus that infects the lungs and breathing passages. Most otherwise healthy people recover


Radiation level spiked in Hokkaido, “Still it’s on-going”

According to the report of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up in Hokkaido, the most northern island in Japan. It started picking up at 15:40

Confirmed effects

Hiratsuka city mayor is going to have a thyroid surgery

From 10/15~10/19/2012, Mr. Ochiai, Hiratsuka city mayor is going to be off. Hiratsuka city is in Kanagawa prefecture. The reason is for the surgery of thyroid  tumor enucleation. 平塚市の市長、落合氏が 2012年10月15日から19日の間 公務をお休みすることになっています。 平塚市は 神奈川県にあります。 お休みの理由は 甲状腺腫瘍摘出の手術のためだそうです。