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Export from Japan

Niigata prefecture to increase rice export 4 times much as 2011 to Hongkong and Singapore

On 10/29/2012, Niigata prefecture decided to increase their export of rice to Hongkong and Singapore. Because of the harmful rumor and import restriction of various countries, it has been difficult


[Express] “Cloud is lined above the border of crustal plate”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous.   今日の気象衛星写真がヤバイ…プレートの境界線と雲の境界線がほぼ一致((((;゚Д゚)))))))… — 画像で吹いたら負けさん (@kamui830) 10月 29, 2012 <Translate> Today’s weather satellite photograph is serious. Clouds are lined almost exactly on the


[JA increased Fukushima rice cargo booking] Price of Fukushima rice rised by 20% compared to September. 2011

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced the price of Fukushima rice rised by 20% in this September compared to September. 2011. (Arm’s length price of shipment supplier and wholesaler)


[Column] “so if it’s that serious, why none of the major media covers that up ?”

In my second week of NY, a friend of mine introduced me to a journalist. He teaches at a college. I went to meet him and had an “interview” supposedly.


[Where’s the flood?] Live update from Brooklyn NY under the “superstorm” Sandy

Fukushima Diary went for a night patrol of Brooklyn NY. Bedford Ave ~ Greenpoint 23:00 ~ 24:00  10/29/2012 Report : There was no flood in this area except for east


Cesium from baby food made in Aichi, “hasn’t been published since August”

Cesium was measured from baby food produced in Aichi prefecture. It was sold in Yokohama city already. However, it hasn’t been published since August, for 2 months and a half.