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Kitakyushu city turned off monitoring post to incinerate disaster debris

Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka prefecture started incinerating disaster debris on 9/17/2012. The monitoring post nearby the incineration facility was found turned off.   皇后崎処理工場近くの陣原市民センター前なう。本当だ!モニタリングポスト昼間は数値出てたのに、夜は消えてる!これ測ってんのか? #北九州市… — syanぱみゅぱみゅさん (@syan666) 10月


The daughter of the Crown Prince called in sick for sports meeting

On 10/13/2012, Imperial household Agency announced Aiko, the daughter (10) of the Crown Prince called in sick for sports meeting. She called in sick on 10/12/2012 too. This is the


Cherry blossom bloomed in Tokyo, “It’s still Autumn”

On 10/10/2012, Cherry blossoms (Prunus yedoensis) bloomed in Asakusa shrine, Taito ku Tokyo. Cherry blossoms bloom in Spring. The trunk of the cherry tree is over 1m diameter.  The age is

Core removing struggle

Radiation level is higher out of PCV than inside in reactor1, “Is really core inside of PCV ?”

On 10/12/2012, Tepco measured radiation level in retained water of PCV1. The cesium level was lower than water retained outside of PCV, Suppression chamber, inside of the reactor building though core

Natural disasters

M5.0 hit Chiba 13:57 12 Oct 2012 (JST)

M5.0 hit Tokyo area.   Source     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Un séisme de magnitude 5 frappe Chiba le 12 oct 2012 à 13:57 (JST) Un M 5,0