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Funabashi city Chiba council received a petition ,”Please investigate the fact the teachers are having sudden death”

Funabashi city council in Chiba held a regular meeting from 2/27 to 3/28/2012. For the meeting, this petition was sent. [願意] 学校の先生が突然亡くなったり、長期療養に入ったりすることは、児童生徒や保護者にとって非常に衝撃的な出来事である。実態調査をし、早急に再発防止策を講じていただきたい。 [理由] 本市で、2011年11月に現職の小学校教諭が大動脈解離で亡くなり、12月に現職の小学校事務職員がクモ膜下出血で亡くなった。 在職死亡した教職員や、長期療養に入った教職員がどんな働き方をしていたのか実態調査をし、早急に再発防止策を講じていただきたい。 <Translate> Petition It’s a shocking


[New Jersey news room] Hurricane Sandy and N.J. nuclear power plants: Keeping it cool in high winds

<Quote> [New Jersey news room] On Sunday, New Jersey’s four nuclear power stations, along with another dozen or so along the Eastern Seaboard,were prepped to deal with Hurricane Sandy as


[ABC] Nuclear Plants in Sandy’s Path Brace for Storm

<Quote> [ABC]   The federal government will provide “enhanced oversight” for nine different nuclear power plants in the path of Hurricane Sandy, including Three Mile Island and New York’s Indian

Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Hydrochloric acid leaked from SFP3 desalination system

On 10/24/2012, hydrochloric acid leaked from the desalination system of SFP reactor3.         Source     Iori Mochizuki _____ Italiano: Acido Idrocloridrico fuoriuscito dal sistema di desalinazione

Food contamination Malformation

Gigantic mushroom from Yamagata prefecture

↓ The one on the right is a normal one. Gigantic matsutake mushroom was found in Takahata machi, Yamagata. It’s 25cm long, the diameter is 30cm, weight is 800g, where

Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to attempt stopping underground water flowing into a duct of common usage pool

The contaminated water of the Central Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility (Process Main Building) and groundwater are flowing into the duct connected to the common usage pool. They are going to fill


Reactor4 fire of 3/15/2011 was extinguished by US army

On 6/20/2011, Fukushima Diary reported that reactor4 actually had one explosion and two fires in March 2011. (cf. Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011) At 12:07