Mutated sunflower in Kagawa prefecture

Mutated sunflower in Kagawa prefecture

Mutated sunflower was found in Manno cho Kagawa prefecture. Kagawa is in Shikoku.


For the question of the prefectural agriculture and distribution department, an expert commented it may be prolification flower, which is a sort of mutation. This is a rare phenomenon for sunflower.

General causes are

1. Excessive fertilizer

2. Unusual heat

However, it was growing naturally.

The central flower is about 20cm diameter, 14 other ones are 3cm diameter.

It withered 1 week later.






Français :

Un tournesol mutant dans la préfecture de Kagawa

Un tournesol mutant dans la préfecture de Kagawa

Ce tournesol mutant a été trouvé à Manno cho, préfecture de Kagawa. Kagawa est sur l’île de Shikoku.


A la question du département prefectoral de l’agriculture et de la distribution, un expert répondu qu’il peut s’agir d’une prolifération de fleurs, ce qui est une sorte de mutation. C’est un phénomène rare chez les tournesols.

Les causes générales en sont :

1. Abus d’engrais
2. Chaleur inhabituelle

Toutefois, il a poussé naturellement.

La fleur centrale fait environ 20 cm de diamètre, les 14 autres font 3 cm de diamètre.
Elle s’est fanée en une semaine.


  1. I grew 2 types of sunflowers and virtually all of them had severe mutations such as this, in Southern California. I had up to six blooms growing from one head, back to back blooms, weird stretched, squashed and excessively prolific blooms. One patch was covered with a greenhouse the previous year and the flowers in that patch were all normal, but mutants grew right at the boundary where the soil wasn’t covered. I took many photos; I could send them if you like but, you seem to be focused on Japan. Unfortunately, the contamination obviously wasn’t that localised.

  2. Some idiot will always show up to argue that this is normal, and that it doesn’t prove any connection with radiation. They don’t realize that it doesnt mean there isn’t a connection, either.

    The most important thing should be for people to heed the clear warnings of the environment around us, and take necessary action… but instead, people always try really hard to pretend that there’s never anything wrong. That is why humans are doomed to failure.

  3. 9~22~5993
    At least its pretty to look at! A few months after 3-11-11 here in Disneyland area Southern CA we had a sunflower growing with two of its leaves melding into one. SCARY!!Taking the mineral Boron (one capsule a day)helps to eliminate radiation from our bodies besides strenghtening our bones.

  4. After a year and half, Fukushima prefecture and Tepco finally revealed the radiation level in one of the towns, futaba-cho, at the time of the accident. The level was so high that being there for 40 minutes would expose us to the annual radiation dosage limit. While government or Tepco employees with protective gears were collecting samples, local people were staying in the shelter without any protections or safety information.

    I also heard that Kita Kyushu (souther island) started incinerating radiated debris from disaster stricken areas. The municipal air quality site is not posting any numbers at certain time, probably when the quality was affected by the incineration. And the local government is recruiting people to monitor Internet for “community support”, that is for censorship. The “community support employees” surf the Internet and report any posting that negatively affect the government.

    It seems like Japan is going backwards.

  5. 한국하고 약 500~600킬로미터 떨어진 오사카인근 지역에 해바라기가 저렇게 되어있군요.
    한국에서는 아직 그렇게 생긴 해바라기를 아직 못봤습니다. 그치만 방사능 수치가 한국 대전에서제가 가진 개인용 카운터 측정기에는 몇일전 0.9usv-0.16usv{같은지역{dong-gu deajeon south korea} 이었고 2011년 10월쯤에 잰 수치는 0.8usv-0.11usv {같은지역dong-gu deajeon south korea} 이었습니다. 후쿠시마 다이치 원자력 1호기가 터진것이 1190KM 넘게 떨어진 지역에서도 이런데 일본은 어떻기 걱정이되네요.

  6. That weird…..a few years back,I had planted some sunflower seeds in my backyard.Some of them grew like the sunflower in your picture but still budding at the edge.A few days later,all of them wilted.If I can remember correctly before planting them,the seeds were coated with some kind of coloring when I bought it.I cant recall the color of the coating but I assume they’re red or blue.I lived somewhere in Borneo. So the weather condition here may or may not suit for their growth. Could it be coating that cause the mutation or the humidity at where I lived.

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