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Domestic and global Environment

Decontamination produced 260,000 bags of radioactive soil, “Still it’s 1.1% of all”

On 10/11/2012, NHK reported they have no storage facility for the radioactive soil produced by decontamination at 1,500 locations such as houses and offices. In those areas, they stock radioactive


Buddhist priest interviewed Fukushima people, “We don’t want to have a baby”

Mr. Nakashita, Japanese Buddhist priest interviewed people remaining in Fukushima prefecture. He introduced some of them on his blog. 福島市の仮設・80代の女性「除染なんて、私達が若いころ(戦時中)、強制的に竹やりを持たされて鬼畜米兵と言わされていたのと本質的には同じ。小手先だけの対応で、何の意味もないことは皆、分かっている。でもそれを声に出すと、非難される。同調圧力だよ」 <Translate> A woman in 80s living in temporary housing of

Domestic and global Environment

96,000 Bq/Kg from farming reservoir in Namie machi

Ministry of Environment measured radiation in the ground soil of Fukushima river and lakes at 193 locations. The highest reading was 96,000 Bq/Kg from a farming reservoir in Namie machi


84 students hospitalized after school lunch in Chiba, “The cause is not known.”

On 10/4/2012, 84 students in Tateyama city junior high school Chiba were hospitalized immediately after school lunch. They had stomachache. On 10/11/2012, Tateyama city government announced it was not food


[Photos] Fukushima farm’s dead cattle and calves of Fukushima syndrome, “The smell even comes to the bed”

Fukushima Diary reported cattle are starting to die of “Fukushima syndrome” in the farm of hazard area. (cf. Cattle dying of “Fukushima syndrome” in farm of hazard area, “Diarrhea like