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Cattle dying of “Fukushima syndrome” in farm of hazard area, “Diarrhea like water, snivel, spreading dermatitis”

There is a farm in hazard area (20km area) of Fukushima to save abandoned lives. [Link] It is called Farm sanctuary project, run by Mr. Yoshizawa. Fukushima diary has reported

Confirmed effects

[Business Insider] CONFIRMED: 36 Percent Of Fukushima Kids Have Abnormal Thyroid Growths And Doctors Are In The Dark

<Quote> [Business Insider] A few days ago we reported that 36 percent of Fukushima children have abnormal thyroid growths likely from radiation exposure, based on the “Fukushima Prefecture Health Management

Natural disasters

Shallow earthquakes are distributed south inland area of Fukushima plant

Japan meteorological agency reported the earthquake map of this week. It shows shallow earthquakes (0~20km deep under ground) represented to be red balloons are concentrating in the southern inland area

Food contamination

Cesium measured from mushroom in southern alps of Japan

Southern alps of Japan is thought to be refreshing resort area in Yamanashi prefecture. It’s used for a brand name of bottled water. However, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported

Domestic and global Environment

Mass of small fish found dead in Fukushima city

On 10/5/2012, In Kurumi river of Fukushima, 200 ~ 300 of small fish were found dead. They were 5cm long. Rivers and national road department of Fukushima analyzed the water