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Sea contamination

[Bioconcentration?] 1,430Bq/Kg from banded houndshark in 2km area of Fukushima Plant

From Tepco’s Nuclide Analysis Results of Fish and Shellfish (The Ocean Area Within 20km Radius of Fukushima plant), 1,430 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from banded houndshark taken on 9/15/2012. Published


[Express] “My child is bleeding from her ears, you see many other people bleeding from ears on twitter too”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 子供が耳から出血する。今、twitterで「耳   出血」を検索する。数多くの人が耳から出血してるではないか〜。怖い。 — こみとさん (@twogifts) 10月 22, 2012 <Translate> My child bleeds from the ear. Now you search for the word “ear bleed”

Core removing struggle Spent Fuel Pools

Mr.Koide “Tepco can’t pick up melted fuel in core but they must remove fuel from SFPs before stone coffin”

  Assistant professor. Koide from Kyoto university had an interview of journalist Imanishi on 10/18/2012. In this interview, Mr. Koide commented stone coffin is the only solution but they must


[Express] Another nuclear plant will be restarted

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 民主党の細野豪志政調会長は21日、薩摩川内(さつませんだい)市内の街頭演説で、九州電力川内原発の再稼働を明言しました。詳しくは明日の「しんぶん赤旗」で。 — 赤旗政治記者さん (@akahataseiji) 10月 21, 2012 <Translate> On 10/21/2012, Hosono, the policy chief of Democratic Party of Japan had a soapbox

Effects to be confirmed

“Support by eating” announcer showed up on TV with massive blood blister on lip, “oral herpes?”

Ms. Shono, a female announcer of Fuji-TV showed up on TV with her blood blister on her lip, which can’t be concealed. It looks like an oral herpes. She was

Confirmed effects

[Express] 4yrd daughter became sensitive to cold

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 最近4歳の娘がよく寒がる。寒がりの私が半袖で平気な気温に「寒いからジャケット取って」と。熱はないんだけど。 — ヒヨコ=娘達。元気に育ちますように!さん (@atsunochoco) 10月 20, 2012 <Translate> (Evacuated from Tokyo to western Kanagawa) Recently my 4 years old daughter feels cold


Peptic ulcer ratio jumped up 3 times much as before 311 in Miyagi

Lecturer. Iijima and Dr. Kanno from Tohoku university hospital found out the ratio of peptic ulcer jumped up 3 times much as before 311. Peptic ulcer includes gastric ulcer and


[Column] The only thing to interest me

Some people say someone should make a movie of my footage, but I’m sure that would be boring. I sit at the PC and work on the internet for 99%