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Mutated petunia in Kawagoe city Saitama

Mutated petunia was found in Kawagoe city Saitama. In the picture below, the right one is normal, the left one has unusually two flowers in one stem. (One withered, the


Fallout still reaches beyond Tokyo

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology released the latest report of fallout level by prefecture. It is to show the fallout level in August. 2012. (MBq/km2・month) It shows


70% of oyster died in Matsushima Bay Miyagi

  In the oyster farm of Matsushima Bay, Miyagi prefecture, 70% of the oysters were found dead. Fisherman reported to Miyagi prefecture that a lot of oysters were found dead.

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Alternative thermometer was installed in RPV of reactor2

Only one point remained available to measure the temperature in RPV2. [Link] On 10/3/2012, Tepco installed alternative thermometer in RPV2.         Source     Iori Mochizuki _____


Mutated stag beetle of male head with female body, “Probably the first case in Japan”

↑ (From left to right) Normal male, mutated one, normal female Mutated stag beetle was found in Ushiku city Ibaraki prefecture this June. It has male head and female body. The


1,032 Bq/Kg from Fukushima blueberry, “133 Bq/Kg from Actinidia polygama”

Fukushima city released their brief radiation measurement data of food brought to radiation monitoring centers. (8/1/2012 ~ 8/31/2012) The highest reading was 1,032 Bq/Kg from blueberry. The average reading of


[] Leaked EU nuclear stress tests reveal hundreds of defects

<Quote> [] BRUSSELS – Hundreds of defects have been found throughout Europe’s nuclear reactors and mostly in France, according to a EU stress test report leaked to the German and