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Ministry of foreign affairs to invite 10,000 youth from 41 countries to do tasks including removal of debris

Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan is going to invite foreign youth to disaster area. One of the tasks that they are supposed to do is removal of disaster debris.


IP location of Reconstruction Agency is Toshiba corporation

On 9/28/2012, Reconstruction Agency reported “Religious faith in zero Bq is causing harmful rumor”. [Link] Their IP location is Toshiba corporation. [Link]   Toshiba is one of the deliverers of


Reconstruction agency, “Religious faith in “Zero Bq” is causing the harmful rumor”

Reconstruction agency published the interim report on 9/28/2012. In the report, they stated like this below, ②風評被害への対策 風評被害は依然として深刻な問題である。放射線量の安全性をめぐる基準について、国際的に見て日本が格別に厳しく引き下げを行ったからといって人々の安心につながったわけではなく、スーパーや仲買人が70㏃、50㏃以下でないと取り扱わない、といった、ある種の「放射能ゼロ信仰」ともいえる風潮が生まれている。 <Translate> ② Measures for harmful rumor Harmful rumor is still a serious


More than 100 Bq/Kg of cesium from 8 of 9 wild boars in Nikko Tochigi

  Hunter’s club in Nikko Tochigi hunted 9 wild boars, 3 bears, and 21 deers in Nikko city to measure radiation. They are going to lift the hunting regulation in


Aomori prefecture expects to restart shipping cod by collecting 50 ok samples

Japanese government is restricting the shipment of Pacific cod from Aomori prefecture as of 8/27/2012. [Link] Aomori prefectural government is expecting that they can restart the shipment once they collect


Board of education in Iwaki city gave up using local products for school lunch

Board of education in Iwaki city Fukushima suspended their policy of “local production for local consumption” about school lunch. The policy was supposed to increase the awareness of children about


Mass food poisoning to cause a woman to die of acute cardiac insufficiency

Delivery lunch box caused mass food poisoning of 253 people in Fukaya city of Saitama. On 9/30/2012, the residents’ association planned a sports meeting but they postponed it for rain.