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Trust in Gov had meltdown -福島事故で政府の信用はメルトダウンしたとおもう。 10/2/2012

英語字幕を付けられる方がいらっしゃったらよろしくお願いします。     <Settlement report 決算書 10/2/2012> Thank you for your donation ! 支援をどうもありがとうございました。 Iori Mochizuki


MEXT excludes Saitama and Tokyo from helicopter monitoring

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducted the radiation monitoring from helicopter. On 9/28/2012, they released the data of 5th monitoring result of the area within 80km radius


[Japan Today] Fukushima offers free medical care for children under 18

<Quote> [Japan Today]   TOKYO — The Fukushima prefectural government this week started offering free medical care for children under 18. It is the first project of its kind in

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

PCV temperature picked up in reactor1 again

On 10/1/2012, Fukushima diary reported PCV temperature was picking up again in reactor1. [Link] After the report, the temperature kept jumping up. It increased by nearly 8℃ within 24 hours.


Cesium from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa, “Always from frozen tangerine in Kanagawa”

Cesium-134/137 were detected from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa. (270 km from Fukushima plant) The contaminated products are always frozen tangerine produced in Kanagawa prefecture. 福島原発から270キロ離れた神奈川県逗子市の給食からセシウムが検出されました。 汚染された食材は全て神奈川県で生産された冷凍みかんです。   Date


White cluster‐amaryllis found in Ehime

↑ Normal cluster-amaryllis  White cluster‐amaryllis was found in Matsuyama city Ehime. (850 km from Fukushima plant)     The person who found this commented like this below, 白い彼岸花。ウワサには聞いていたけど、野生の実物を見たのはここで咲いてるのを発見したのが初めて。おそらく2年連続の白。… — 西岡孝彦さん


[Japan Times] Zhou Enlai shelved Senkaku issue at ’72 talks

<Quote> [The Japan Times] SHANGHAI — When Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka raised the Senkaku Islands issue in negotiations with China 40 years ago on normalizing diplomatic relations, Chinese Premier Zhou


White smoke came out from cesium absorption tower

At around 9:40 AM on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, a worker of  Tepco’s cooperative company found white smoke coming out from the motor of the vacuum pump for vessel ventilation at


Iodine 131 measured from sewage sludge in Kumamoto

Iodine 131 was measured from sewage sludge in Kumamoto city. Kumamoto city is about 1070 km from Fukushima plant. 熊本市の下水からヨウ素131が検出されました。熊本市は福島原発から1070キロ離れています。     7/24/2012   33 Bq/Kg, 31 Bq/Kg 7/25/2012   120 Bq/Kg