Osaka city to force all the junior high school students to consume school lunch

Having measured radioactive material in school lunch, Osaka city mayor, Hashimoto is going to start school lunch system at all the 128 public junior high schools in Osaka by next year. (56,000 students in total) Lunch box is not allowed to bring except for the case of food allergies.

45 schools have already prepared pantries, they started school lunch system as of this September.
In those schools, students were allowed to choose between school lunch or lunch box.
In this September, it was only 14.3% of the family who chose school lunch, however, all the students will have to choose school lunch by next year. Hashimoto comments, “If everyone else has lunch box, it’s difficult for parents to choose lunch box.”

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Français :

La ville d’Osaka va obliger tous les élèves des junior high school à manger à la cantine

Ayant mesuré la radioactivité dans les repas scolaires, le maire d’Osaka, M. Hashimoto, va lancer un système de repas scolaires pour toutes les 128 junior high schools (~cours moyen) publiques d’Osaka l’année prochaine. (56 000 élèves au total). Amener son panier-repas n’est pas autorisé sauf dans le cas d’allergies à la nourriture.

45 écoles ont déjà préparé des garde-manger, ils ont lancé le système de repas scolaires dès septembre.
Dans ces écoles, les élèves étaient autorisés à choisir entre la cantine et le panier-repas personnel.
Au cours du mois de septembre dernier, seulement 14,3 % des familles avaient choisi la cantine, toutefois, tous les élèves devront aller à la cantine l’année prochaine. M. Hashimoto explique que “si tout le monde doit avoir un panier-repas, c’est difficile pour les parents de choisir un panier-repas.”

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  1. How is this possible? People are still trying to save face even though everybody knows there is contamination. “We don’t want people spreading unverified information” is a cop out. Do they need a printout of the specific isotopes in order for it to be verified? Do they need an impartial chemical analyst on site? People KNOW the food is radioactive. So, if I brought a lunch from home they’d ban it so the rest of the kids don’t have to feel bad while they are forced to eat “hot” lunch? If I was a parent and my childrens school tried pulling this crap they’d be pulled immediately, not just because of the contamination but also because it seems as if the student’s best interests are not the top priority. Lets teach our kids so they can grow up and get good jobs and raise kids of their own…wait a second, they might not grow up or they may not be able to have healthy children. Hmmm. Sound logic there.

  2. I really don’t understand the sentence“If everyone else has lunch box, it’s difficult for parents to choose lunch box.”What does it mean? There’s supposingly a situation where too many a parents wouldn’t know what food to choose for their children? If children bring their own lunch, there will be to much diverisity in food ingredients? And it’s not good having different children eat different food? I completely don’t understand this sentence. And what kind of favour to the parents this is?

    1. “If everyone else is having lunch box, that would be a peer pressure to the student who wanted to choose school lunch” kinda like that 🙂

  3. Good question. The people should understand by now that contamination is not a game that is worth to try to play with.
    They should know by now that the governement lied about the health risks to the people of Fukushima. This can’t be denied anymore from the public data stating that 43% of the kids have cyst on their thyroid.

    Then if the governement lied for this, it is abvious that it lied for everything else. I must say that this is not going to stop until probably more than 20% of the population gets sick.

    For people living in Tokyo, the more someone is exposed to contamination, the more the person has chances to become sick. There is a linear relation between the exposure and the chance to become sick.
    So if 40% of children of Fukushima are sick, it is almost impossible to say that children living in Tokyo will not become sick.
    Because children in Tokyo have been exposed and are still exposed (winds from fukushima, water, drinks, food, rain, etc….), a percentage of them WILL become sick. Maybe they are and have been exposed to 1/10 or 1/20 of what children have been exposed to. So it will take more time, the further they continue to be expose, but the number of them becoming sick is going to increase. Maybe 100% of children of Fukushima will be sick in 10 years (it looks like it will take less time). So maybe in 10 years 5% of the kids of Tokyo will be sick, maybe 20%, we don’t know, but we know some of them will be sick. My opinion, based on nuclear tests and chernobyl data, roughly 50% of kids in Tokyo will be sick in 30 to 50 years from now.

  4. “If everyone else has lunch box, it’s difficult for parents to choose lunch box.”

    I am so thankful for the wisdom of Mr. Hashimoto. I spent 16 hours trying to pick out my kid’s lunch box yesterday only to learn that after I chose one, he wanted a different one. Heartbroken, I visited the hospital and learned that I will need three weeks of treatment for “box-lunch selecting disorder”.

    Glad the WW 2 days are coming back when we are given no choices but just have listen to boy-faced boneheads who tell us we’re in heaven. I guess if people are unwilling to purchase radioactive food, school districts can do it and force the kids to eat it. Great way to save the economy which, of course, is more important than the health of our kids.

  5. why does it seem like tHey are actually trying to genocide Japan’s own children?

    is there a ‘secret’ ruling class in Japan that wants to wipe out any lineage bit it’s own?

  6. I’m an American who grew up in the Deep South. There is a lot of respect for Tradition in the southern US. A lot of these traditions don’t make sense and some are downright harmful but Southerners still follow them blindly. These people actually say, “We’ve always done it this way and we’re not going to change things now.” I’ve herd some add, “If you don’t like it then get out of MY country.” It saddens me to experience these things.
    I’ve been wondering why the people of Japan are blindly following what is obviously bad leadership. The reason has been under my nose all along and I couldn’t see it until now. It is easier to follow traditions than to think for one’s self. Standing up to authority and opposing tradition is scary even if the leadership is poor and the traditions are counterproductive. Traditional Southerners pride themselves on being independent and fighting authority even though they are blind followers. I suspect that though the Japanese people don’t see themselves as rebels they follow bad leadership and traditions just as blindly as American Southerns do. At least the Japanese people are honest about it.

    1. It’s not just your part of the USA or this situation in Japan. I can say the same thing about people in my country, too, but actually this is something worldwide spread and it’s there for way too long now. I’ve been to some very apart and distant countries and I still hadn’t seen a country outside this sad (dis)order. Sometimes I wonder are we any different then the cattle inside barbed wire that was planeted by a minority pseudo-elite… Hopefully, mankind will survive itself.

    2. I don’t know where in the South you grew up but I’m a Southerner and don’t know anyone like that. The worst thing I’ve seen is that Southerners tend to prefer to eat their traditional foods and aren’t really interested in new foods. But that’s just a few people, sushi restaurants are really popular here and you can’t get any further south without falling into the Gulf. Besides, what’s wrong with tradition? I have a feeling that you probably celebrate the cultural traditions of everyone else, but only seem to find fault with the traditions and customs of white people. Why? Also, if you hate the South and the people so much, feel free to move. Someone as superior and enlightened as yourself should be in a big city with other superior, enlightened people. You can pass the time telling yourselves how great you are, now doesn’t that sound fun?

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