Elementary school in Tokyo banned parent’s circle, joining SNS, exchanging emails

A public elementary school in Tokyo banned parents from gathering in a circle.

They also banned them from joining SNS, exchanging email address too. Picking children up is also banned.

Parents cannot exchange information including radioactive contamination and contaminated school lunch. The school name is not published.

The school is asking them to join the meetings held by school instead.

Supposedly It is to avoid troubles between parents and the school has been giving the notice since 2 years ago.

The school explains teacher and female student have been slandered on an SNS site and the student ended up changing her school.

The principal comments like this below,



For the crisis management, it is important to establish an emotional bond among parents, school, and teachers because exchanging unverified information may cause children to panic.



Recommended article..Kawasaki city mayor, “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”







Français :

Une école élémentaire publique de Tokyo a exclu des parents d’un de ses cercles de réunions, leur interdit de se joindre à un SNS et d’échanger des mails

Une école élémentaire publique de Tokyo a exclu des parents d’un de ses cercles de réunions.

Ils ont aussi été interdits de rejoindre un SNS et d’échanger leurs adresses email également. Le ramassage scolaire des enfants leur est aussi interdit.

Les parents ne peuvent plus échanger d’information y compris sur la contamination radioactive et les repas contaminés de la cantine. Le nom de l’école n’est pas communiqué.

L’école leur demande à la place de venir aux réunions qu’elle organise.

C’est soi-disant pour éviter des troubles entre les parents. L’école a émis cette note depuis deux ans.
L’école explique que des femmes professeurs et élèves ont été calomniées sur un site SNS et que l’élève a fini par en changer d’école.

Le principal en dit ceci :



Pour la gestion de la crise, il est important d’établir un lien émotionnel entre les parents, l’école et les professeurs parce qu’échanger des informations non vérifiées peu provoquer la panique chez les enfants.


Article lié : Le maire de Kawasaki : “Les écoles servent des repas radioactifs dans un but éducatif.”


  1. because exchanging unverified information may cause children to panic.

    much better to allow children to bake in radiation till info is verified

    who is this little hitler,

    gathering in a circle
    from joining SNS
    exchanging email address
    Picking children up

    dropping to your knees when the principal walks by
    is still permitted I guess

    The only good point in the story
    and the student ended up changing her school

    as everyone else should also

    fear , has made people become slaves, obey
    lies , from tepco and govt enable tyrants like this
    truth, is just now starting to come out

    To ignor the truth, or even being banned from seeking it
    in this rush to “normal” will cause such guilt for parents

    remorse will break your will completly

    its your choice, this principal only cares about the job
    your job is to care for the children

  2. F-A-C-I-S-M.

    Can you provide the name and address of the school? This deserves an on-site protest, a telephone campaign and a whole lot of leaflets circulated in front of the school.

    How dare they….

  3. I would be happy if the school would verufy the info.
    Unfortunatly, it only accepts the governement lies as source of info.
    This school director and most of them in Japan have no sense of honor.

    They don’t dare trying to protect the children that they have been entrusted to raise. They teach them to shut up and obey the authority even when it is immoral and even dangerous to do so. They teach them that it is okay to have no ethic and that they pay check at the end of day is better than freedom.

  4. If you read the original article, it says it started “TWO YEARS AGO”.
    That’s 2010, before the Fukushima disaster.

  5. The government and businesses seem hellbent in returning to normal, as though the accident is all better now and it’s time to get back to business as usual.

    There IS no normal any more. Normal or anything like normal is not going to happen again in our lifetime.

    It’s worth remembering that the accident isn’t over….we are 18 months INTO the accident and counting. The radioactive emissions have not stopped.

    Nobody has fixed anything yet.

    Building nice new houses and apartments in contaminated areas and re opening schools is not going to return society to the way it was.
    The ground is poisoned, the dust is deadly, the food inedible, the atmosphere contaminated.
    With 43% of children affected with radiation related thyroid issues and only 15-20% births unaffected, everyone needs to follow their gut instinct rather than listen to bogus govt propaganda and get out.

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