Hiratsuka city mayor is going to have a thyroid surgery

From 10/15~10/19/2012, Mr. Ochiai, Hiratsuka city mayor is going to be off.

Hiratsuka city is in Kanagawa prefecture.

The reason is for the surgery of thyroid  tumor enucleation.

平塚市の市長、落合氏が 2012年10月15日から19日の間 公務をお休みすることになっています。

平塚市は 神奈川県にあります。

お休みの理由は 甲状腺腫瘍摘出の手術のためだそうです。






Français :

Le maire de la ville d’Hiratsuka va subir une opération de la thyroïde

Du 15 au 19 octobre 2012, M. Ochiai, maire d’Hiratsuka sera absent.
La ville d’Hiratsuka est dans la préfecture de Kanagawa.
La raison de son absence est une ablation chirurgicale d’une tumeur de sa thyroïde :


  1. he should wait until all the Hiratsuka people who get thyroid have surgery 1st… before him….

  2. positive turn of event because he was a strong promoter of forcing people to expose themself to contamination such as promoting burning contaminated wastes. So it could be positive if this warning could change his mind and fascist attitude. Unfortunalty, such people are often rotten to bones.
    At least it feels like the taste of vangeance.

    Bonne chose car il etait un de promoteur de forcer la population a etre exposée a la contamination comme par ordonner et forcer le “brulage” des dechets contaminés. C’est une bonne chose donc si ca peut le faire changer d’idéologie et changer son attitude de fasciste. Mais trop souvent ce type de personne est pourrie jusqu’aux os et il n’y a rien a faire.
    Au moins, cela nous donne une petite vangence.

  3. Guess he is just having the node removed or enucleation? ..because “Historical attempts to remove the nodule alone (enucleation) are associated with an increased risk of bleeding and/or tumor spill and spread.” So he can experience all the opportunties there are for problems with thyroid cancers. Wonder why they are operating on him..while ignoring all the children with noduals…?? Certainly the children should be getting priority rather than a politician who has caused them additional radiation!

  4. On the larger Thyroid issue,
    I wonder now how many military veterans will speak up about their damage.
    I know a Marine who guarded Naval nuke weapons for eight years. At the end,
    He was told by VA medical that he would need total thyroid medication
    for the rest of his life. Apparently many guys are subjected to deadly conditions.
    Just standing around the facilities kills these Marines.
    Armor and Artillery personnel handle Hot Poisonous stuff every day.
    They ride in Uranium-Armored Poisonous Wagons, APC’s, Tanks, Launchers…
    Now, the typical American is taught to think Medications will take care of anything.
    and taught to Trust the VA medical…
    Unfortunately, Bovine Thyroid medications are all going to be Contaminated,
    with rich Cesium Grasses feeding those bio-concentrating Cows.
    The Strontium-gathering cows, the polonium, plutonium, uranium-collecting cows.
    All the usual Thyroid medications will be contaminated.

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