[Column] If I had my room.

It’s been about 10 months since I left Japan. I have been travelling 8 countries (Source = my passport) , stayed at more than 20 places.
I want to think I have contributed to the world a little bit. At least more than 5 families decided to leave Japan around me.
Nothing may happen even if they stay in Japan, but they wouldn’t lose anything even if they leave Japan.
I don’t know when / where I’m going to be settled, but I’m not going to cause cancer for anyone like the plume travelling around.

I have a feeling that one day I’ll have to update Fukushima Diary from “nowhere”. The world is starting to make a belly-landing after 2 centuries bubble economy. When I mentioned the war between Japan and China last July, everyone called me paranoid. but now some of them are becoming aware of the risk. It’s interesting to know who made money by selling weapons to surrounding east asian nations.

I don’t want too much. I just want security. and if I have my room somewhere, that would be a bonus.
One room is enough for me. I would put a thick carpet and look above the Mark Rothko hung on the wall. (Cheap prints of course)

I’ve had enough of the political and cultural stupidity. I won’t die to prolong the life of the society.
Leaving all the stupidity behind, I would hide until all the dusts are finally settled. I won’t outsource my sense of judgement to the government and massmedia anymore. Government would not pay for compensation even if we have health problems, and they would use massmedia to spread the propaganda, “Not claiming for compensation is patriotic.” People may tell themselves, “We can’t do anything for it anyway.”.
Leaving all the stupidity behind, I would close my door.



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[Rubrique] Si j’avais ma chambre

Ça fait environ 10 mois que j’ai quitté le Japon. J’ai traversé 8 pays (Source = mon passeport), habité en plus de 20 endroits.
Je veux croire que j’ai un petit peu contribué à aider le monde. Au moins, plus de 5 familles ont décidé de quitter le Japon par ma faute. Rien ne peut leur arriver s’ils restent au Japon mais ils n’y perdront rien s’ils quittent le Japon.
Ne ne sais ni quand, ni où je vais m’installer mais je ne vais provoquer de cancer à personne, contrairement aux retombées qui errent aussi.

J’ai le sentiment qu’un jour je tiendrais le Fukushima Diary de “nulle part”. Le monde commence à atterrir sur le ventre après deux siècles d’économie bouillonnante. Quand j’ai fait allusion à une guerre entre le Japon et la Chine en juillet dernier, tout le monde me croyait parano mais maintenant certains ont compris le risque. Il est intéressant de savoir qui fait de l’argent par la vente d’armes autour des pays de l’Est asiatique.

Je ne demande pas beaucoup. Je veux seulement la sécurité et si j’ai ma chambre quelque part ce sera en bonus.
Une chambre est suffisant pour moi. J’y mettrai un tapis épais et je regarderai le Mark Rothko accroché au mur. (un poster à petit prix, évidemment)

J’en ai marre de la bêtise politique et culturelle. Je ne veux pas mourir pour prolonger la vie de la société.
Laissant la bêtise derrière, je me cacherai jusqu’à ce que toutes les cendres et poussières se soient enfin fixées. Je ne veux plus faire dépendre mon sens du jugement du gouvernement ou de la grande presse. Le gouvernement ne payera pas de compensations même si nous avons des problèmes de santé et ils se serviront des médias pour diffuser leur propagande “Ne pas demander de compensation est patriotique.” Les gens peuvent se dire “On n’y peut rien de toute façon”…
Quittant toute cette idiotie, je fermerai ma porte.

  1. Iori, my heart goes out to you. I live in the mountains of Virginia where we are blessed to have the banzai effect on plants that occur’s naturally. To walk through the mountains and stumble upon such a creation from God, I marvel at the skill the Japanese have developed over the centuries to create such. beauty.
    Now, I fear for the Japanese people as a culture and nation. The threat you now face endangers your very existence. I can sense the hollowness of your soul with your words. I will say this. As I live and breathe, if you need a sanctuary, you are more than welcome at my home in Virginia. I believe in what you are doing. I believe that mankind is at a crossroads. I believe that all nations must come together to meet this threat or we will all suffer as the Japanese people. Keep the faith and may God be with you on your journey.

    1. Nice message & on point! Iori, you should take him up on this offer! Virginia is a gorgeous place, esp. in the mountains, in the fall!!!….

      I’m in Virginia, USA, too. We have a BIG election coming up. And I wish the candidates would address Fukushima for once! At this point, I think President Obama and other Democratic candidates have a much greater chance of acknowledging the Environment, Science, and Public Health, as a whole–Romney/Ryan, Allen, (and Cuccinelli) have the worst records on this issue. 🙁

      I also think that we have to do what we can, absolutely! But, the scope is so massive that I think it is all over our heads and out of our hands in the end. God bless!

      1. Wake up friend none of your candidates will address Fukushima, and like everyelse the media monopoly will deny radiation… sad but true.

        1. That is not true. There is a candidate NOW in VIRGINIA, fighting hard to get into the Congress!!!! He is running on a platform of STOPPING the proposed new Uranium Mines in rural Virginia!!! THAT’S A BIG ANTI-NUKE DEAL!! He has addressed the dangers posed by Fukushima and other nuclear disasters, and directly addresses his concerns about Uranium fallout dust caused by this very real mining threat!!! He also is a retired U.S. military General (!) and has been doing very well in the debates VS. the heavily Nuke-funded opponent!!!

          What I’m saying is– PLEASE HELP THIS GOOD ANTI-NUKE CANDIDATE for VA!!
          He does not get the dirty nuke money & Karl Rove tricks, so he needs serious help.

          However, he is so well-respected that he has been endorsed by all the Environmental Scorecards (Sierra Club Endorsement, etc.) for opposing Nuke Development and hazardous nuke mining AND has explicit endorsements and support from U.S. Senator Mark Warner (VA Dem.), former Pres. Bill Clinton, former VA Gov. Tim Kaine for Senate and many others!!!http://www.sierraclub.org/politics/endorsements/

          Gen. Douglass is ALL about stopping the nuclear craziness NOW. He is 1000% committed to stopping the Uranium Mines. PLEASE SUPPORT & PRAY for HIM!!! Thanks!

          1. Unfortunately, he did not win. The candidate funded by the VA nuclear power company (largest organization to donate to him) won by smearing this good candidate! 🙁 However, many worthwhile, pro-Environment and Pro-Science candidates did make it–yea!!

  2. Many have done just, closed the door
    Only a few, those like you, care.

    You understood the culture would make it easy for abuse.
    How the people were the lowest priority

    “When I mentioned the war between Japan and China last July,
    everyone called me paranoid.”

    I think people have called you that long before that story.
    dont let it bother you
    Same lie used today to the masses,
    “Not claiming for compensation is patriotic.”

    But many will believe it, desparate because of the same people who made them dependant, they never really accept their fate
    they remain angry
    live in constant radiation, and envy those who demand fair compensation.

    Those people can make closing the door easier.
    You tell them truths, thats all you can do.

    You got to take a break, dont let it consume you.

    “I want to think I have contributed to the world a little bit.”

    Your website has made a huge contibution in my life. Thank you
    I live on the gulf of mexico, I learned tepco using the exact same game plan as bp
    Both sites continue to spew toxins, and most people are ok with that.
    People are indeed the same.

    I understand many will not leave, I still live on the gulf.
    And your right, the world sucks.
    The global economy, the global wars, fear has consumed the world.

    Go home, but dont live in fuku city, lol
    People can watch what you do
    where you go, where you live, how you shop

    Japan doest not need you, so I dont want to sound like the govt.
    But I think the people around you would be very thankful,
    You wont get any satisfaction in the usa, just more discouraged


  3. I’m really proud of you, man!
    I wish more japanese people could be aware of the situation and take really actions as you do!!!
    I’m sure it is not easy but you’re definitely doing the right thing!!!

    Keep it up IORI!!!


  4. My word: Don’t go back to Japan.
    Stay away
    I support the evacuation of all children
    from Fukushima area, there are petitions now
    God knows what good they will do.
    Probably good to evacuate everyone from Japan,
    we will tell our Gov’t. to accept the refugees

    I feel also frustrated to tell people about Fuku
    and SFP4. No one knows. Finally, a story in
    Occupy.com , two comments. 6 billion to go?

    I wish you the best, and that room you want.

    1. Concerning evacuation of the Japanese children, I invite you to discover this precious recommendation received last year :



      The bigger a problem, the less people will believe in it, that’s what is going on since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. All the recommendations published very early seem to not having been believed in, the Japanese Government included. Unless we put MAN in the first place of our interest, there will be many more BIG problems to come.

  5. In Pompeii, your were considered paranoid for pointing out the volcanic ash plumes plummeting from Mt. Vesuvius.

  6. Those who tell the truth most often face scorn and ridicule. I’m a 60 year old man. You are one of my heros. At my age there aren’t many left. Thank you for your work and courage.

  7. Iori , let’s hold hands and understand that due to the present society organization the first step for a better specie is Distributing the revealing information .
    After that it is up to individuals to Talk and Spread the knowladge , form better Parties and take that to the Voting station .
    So far we are barely at the first step with no ‘ better ‘ party in sight …

    If the population doesn’t mind eating ( and giving to their children ) poisons like the daily Pesticides in foods than it is safe to predict they will also bow to the Shipple Effect and be part of it , just as it was in the past prior to Revolutions … hence only Parents seeing their children suffer and die of Radiation will became the First Active Line , and since radiation doesn`t chose by rank the first Response may come right from the top of government branches …

  8. Don’t go back to Japan. Don’t. Sorry, but I don’t believe that Japan has any future at all. It’s only a matter of time before more serious earthquakes put all of your other nuclear power plants into melt-down. The country is only sickness now.

    1. Megan do you realise that you tell him not to go to his fatherland anymore ? To never go to the taste of Japaneese cities and landscape ?

      I live in one of the most awfull cities of France (Lille suburbs) with a very high criminal rate (not Chicago but close to the worst times), pedophilia in the afternoon in the back trucks, unemployment of 46% etc, but going out of Europe would means leaving a part of my soul … and I am sure that when he will age, Iori will want to see Japan again.

      Remember that moving far in north emisphere is useless : north emisphere is condemned if fukushima breaks. Guess why all superriches bought land in south emisphere since the disaster of Fukushima …

  9. Iori –

    It looks like ex-skf has gone quiet for a few days. Haven’t seen a post from you on the usual schedule either. Has the nuclear mura finally caught up with our heroes?

  10. I’m soon moving to Brazil, when I’m there I’ll write you. You can stay in my home as long as you want. I will help find a nice place there for you. All the best friend. People like you are growing everywhere. We are aware of what “they” are doing to all of us. Cheers.

  11. Keep up the good work my friend!-Should you ever consider visiting Chicago I would make suitable accomadations for your stay and help you out with whatever I can. We’d be more than happy to have you as our guest for meals,whether my wife’s home-cooking skills or the local restaraunt cuisine,etc.-which for instance,Chicago’s famous pizza joints,etc.,lol. We aren’t “well-off” financially,but we do have a decent 4×4 SUV,and cable TV & hi-speed internet and located 2 miles due west of Midway airport,which is a decent area btw. I do however have to spend roughly 2 days a week accompyaning my wife as part of my cancer caregiver duties for 3 to 6 hours at her hospital for follow-up appointments relating to her recovery and thankfully,mercifully successful treatment plans she’s completed the worst of already and has a good prognosis(for now)…Maybe you’ll like it here and find it to be favorable & conducive towards meeting your needs & goals? Maybe you can gain some sponsorship locally & gain some funding while helping spread the word & there’s a good possibility that I could get you “special guest” lecture/discussion group leader “paid” spots scheduled at upscale town libraries in the local Suburban Library System branches through family connections. The handful of my friends who I’m proud to say I had a part in “enlightening” them to the harsh realities they face,and their CHILDREN,GRANDCHILDREN,etc. now know and take some form of preventative measures & made lifestyle changes accordingly would also be likely to help with meeting financial goals to some degree as well. I hope you take me up on my offer and I get to meet you in person one day soon!! Take Care of Yourself! Best Wishes & Luck!!**JOHN**

  12. Dear Iori,

    Your work and courage are appreciated. You have made people aware of Fukushima’s pollution with direct reports from Japan. Seeing photos of Japanese children now makes me feel as if they are mine. Isn’t that
    what this is all about–creating compassion for one another so that
    we we unite rather than remaining divisive? So you have been a part of some magic. It’s up to each of us to stand in our own truth and let
    others come to their decisions. As for me Iori, I can only thank
    you and urge you to take care of yourself…love yourself and life



  13. “I’ve had enough of the political and cultural stupidity.” — Mochizuki

    I agree. There has been more than enough BS over the last decade for three or more dozen lifetimes. Much akin to an infected boil, this will all come to a head soon. Get ready, the flood of lies has yet to gather it’s full momentum.

    And i thought that all those Quebec students were protesting tuition hikes. I suppose they didn’t appreciate being radiated, either.

  14. hey,

    you sound depressed, I understand and felt the same when I realized that we are lied to by our governments and economists, and governmental economists, and by ourselves, if still able to do that…
    And I worry a bit about future volcanic activities around Fukushima. I shared video interviews with Mitsuhei Murata to some local environmental institutes, hoping that they spread the information further, for education. And am afraid they already know about the facts, and are maybe forced to keep silent and actionless. I can only hope that an alternative future is possible, that the radiation can be neutralized somehow one day, that Tepco or whoever, gets the rods out of danger zone to not affect the whole earth… It may sound improbable, but its one way to stay confident the way it is. For myself at least… I can talk, and act personally against the pressure of the sydtem, and encourage people around to do the same, but only a big, differently thinking, majority of people can force lobbys to change behavior…
    Peace to everyone!

  15. I want to thank you for this website, please be strong and continue with what you have achieved already.
    I am really disappointed by the Japanese governement.
    There don’t have to be so many lies around the radiation… why?
    Saving the people must come first!
    I believe that the true disaster will strike in 5 to 10 years when a large number of citizens will have to go to hospital and will need cancer treatment.

    Our mankind doesn’t seem to understand that no good will come from nuclear energy and that more serious tragedies than Fukushima might happen. (Imagine a reactor “in” Tokyo – that would be the end for Japan and cause a global economy collapse)
    Especially now, that we have the technology to use wind, sun, water we should focuse on that.
    Germany is going that way now and it s fantastic.

    Thanks again for this blog/website – people must know the truth!


  16. Iori, are you interested in Argentina? Patagonia?

    Let me know.
    Write to me.

    We’re a family who has room and perhaps even work for you.

    Stay strong.


  17. The God’s Kingdom is coming very, very soon. Today it is impossible to bring out all the truth about Fukushima. But all our efforts will be appreciated by God.
    Today we can and we have to do something good, to help the victims all around the world. Not only expecting The Second Coming and selling The Holly Scriptures like an onion.
    Jesus Christ will judge all the earth (including TEPCO and Japan).

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