[Express] “My child is bleeding from her ears, you see many other people bleeding from ears on twitter too”

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My child bleeds from the ear. Now you search for the word “ear bleed” on Twitter. A lot of people are bleeding from ears~. Scary.

I’m starting to get used to it, but I bled from my ear again ! Cotton swab is so red.

My ear’s bleeding ! and it has pus.. I wonder if it’s otitis media.

Speaking of which, my second son had bleeding ear twice.


“طفلتي تنزف من أذنيها، ستلاحظ الكثير من الناس يشتكون من نفس الشيء على تويتر”
نُشرت بواسطة ايوري موتشيزوكي في 21 اكتوبر2012
子供が耳から出血する。今、twitterで「耳   出血」を検索する。数多くの人が耳から出血してるではないか〜。怖い。
— こみとさん (@twogifts) 10月 22, 2012

طفلتي تنزف من أذنيها، الاّن بأمكانكم البحث عن كلمة “نزيف الاذن” على تويتر. كثير من الناس ينزفون من اّذاهم هذه الايام. شيءٌ مخيف.
— 吉田瑞樹さん (@nadesico2198) 10月 22, 2012
بدأت أتعود عليه (نزيف الاذن)، لكني نزفت من أذني مرة ثانية. أعواد القطن في غاية الاحمرار.


耳から出血! あとうみも出てる… もしかしたら中耳炎かな(>_<)
— 津軽弁talkさん (@shortrack3) 10月 22, 2012
أذناي تنزفان! و فيهما قيح… أتسأل أن كان إلتهاب في الاذن الوسطى.


そういえば、次男も耳から出血が二度あった。“@twogifts: 子供が耳から出血する。今、twitterで「耳   出血」を検索する。数多くの人が耳から出血してるではないか〜。怖い。”
— Mikoさん (@angelicbbs) 10月 22, 2012
بالحديث عن نفس الموضوع، إبني الثاني عانى من نزيفٍ في أذناه مرّتان.
ايوري موتشيزوكي


[Express] “Mia figlia perde sangue dalle orecchie e anche molte altre persone su twitter perdono sangue dalle orecchie”

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Mia figlia perde sangue dalle orecchie. Ora cerca le parole “sangue dalle orecchie” su twitter… Molte altre persona stanno sanguinando dalle orecchie. Spaventoso.

Sto iniziando ad abituarmici ma di nuovo mi è uscito sangue dalle orecchie! Il Cotton Fioc è così rosso…

Il mio orecchio sanguina! E ha del pus… Mi chiedo se sia una normale otite.

A proposito, il mio secondo figlio ha sanguinato dalle orecchie due volte.



Français :
[Express] “Ma fille saigne des oreilles, sur Twitter vous voyez beaucoup d’autres gens qui saignent des oreilles aussi”

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  1. It’s an ugly thing, and a horrible legacy. Plus Mt. Fuji may erupt, who knows.

    Better to leave Japan, if possible, and go somewhere’s else where at least you won’t be in the immediate area of this continuing radiation.

    It’s not going to go away so better to be honest about it or accept the fact that you will be living a nightmare thanks to your government, and the governments of the world.

    Please, all of you, file a class action suit against your government for what they’ve done to you, and Tepco, if you haven’t already done so.

    Stick up for your rights and don’t be sheep. Okay?

    Blessings from California,

    Windy Star Running Wind (12-12-45)

  2. Physical Signs of Radiation

    Bleeding From Multiple Areas
    While nose bleeds may be a result of allergies, dry air or many other causes, bleeding from multiple areas of the body may be a symptom of radiation poisoning if you have been exposed to radiation. If you experience bleeding from the nose, gums, rectum, mouth, ears or other areas of the body where bleeding is not normal, contact your medical professional. … more …


  3. Arnica is a Safe Homeopathis Medicine It works to stop bleeding from any part of the body with no side effects. Combine Arnica with D.M.S.O. (information is on my web site) only about 10 drops on hand and than rub hands together and rub of onto arms or legs (do not use Latex gloves to apply). Arnica 30x is taken also internally every half hour for bleeding untilbleeding stops. My website is http://www.weddingcapecod.org you will find wedding information first, than that of Homeopathic Medicine and than Survival. D.M.S.O is a link to tell you about it. The link for Homeopahtic Medicines will lead you to Arnica. My site Translates into 52 other Languages
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    Thank You, Dr David Cleveland Provincetown U.S.A.
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  4. get sone zeolite and start, all of you, ingesting it. capsulize it; put it in yoghurt, however you can get it in. This will take up the radiation out of your body and you will eliminate it.
    IT does not harm and in fact we know it has an effect on cancer. It must be natural not synthetic in order to survive the stomach acid. make sure the zeolite hasn’t been outside since 3/11.
    Sincere wishes for your health but as others have pointed out, it’s not going to get better, in fact worse as the cumulutative effect kicks in.

    1. Where do people get zeolite?
      Your post is only helpful when you provide this information, if you know f a source.
      Also, you must put in links to scientific information that shows the truth of zeolite bing helpful.
      If you do not provide these things you simply look like another Internet know-it-all giving unsupported OPINION!

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