Settlement report 3/2/2012

Donation : 72.00 USD

Expense : Hotel 26.00 USD, Sun glasses 12.00 USD, Water 2.50, Cookie 0.75 USD

Profit : 30.75 USD


I’ll have meeting with an association tomorrow, so I came near Tunis and am staying at a near hotel.

Took a long way from my previous place (500km), am very tired. but happy to come back to the civilization.

I was away from the internet for a half day today. When I turned on my PC, I was worried, Japan might not be there anymore.

Thank you for today’s food and calling me a pioneer. I try to deserve the compliment. Honestly, I don’t know where I am.

I’m too occupied to catch up with all the information. Wherever I am, my mind is attached to Fukushima and Japan.

Here I’d like to introduce my prediction about near future in Japan.

A dictator type of “leader” will show up in Japan, maybe it’s Hashimoto, maybe it’s Ishihara.

He would send young people to Fukushima for decontamination and settle the plants, just like how it was during WWW2.

To fully understand FD, you are sometimes required to know Japanese history.

Around when Okinawa was conquered by USA, Japanese government had Tokyo citizens (women) have bamboo spears to fight against American army and bombing planes. The slogan was “Let’s die together for the victory”.

Now Japanese government is doing exactly the same thing.



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