Settlement report 3/2/2012

Donation : 72.00 USD

Expense : Hotel 26.00 USD, Sun glasses 12.00 USD, Water 2.50, Cookie 0.75 USD

Profit : 30.75 USD


I’ll have meeting with an association tomorrow, so I came near Tunis and am staying at a near hotel.

Took a long way from my previous place (500km), am very tired. but happy to come back to the civilization.

I was away from the internet for a half day today. When I turned on my PC, I was worried, Japan might not be there anymore.

Thank you for today’s food and calling me a pioneer. I try to deserve the compliment. Honestly, I don’t know where I am.

I’m too occupied to catch up with all the information. Wherever I am, my mind is attached to Fukushima and Japan.

Here I’d like to introduce my prediction about near future in Japan.

A dictator type of “leader” will show up in Japan, maybe it’s Hashimoto, maybe it’s Ishihara.

He would send young people to Fukushima for decontamination and settle the plants, just like how it was during WWW2.

To fully understand FD, you are sometimes required to know Japanese history.

Around when Okinawa was conquered by USA, Japanese government had Tokyo citizens (women) have bamboo spears to fight against American army and bombing planes. The slogan was “Let’s die together for the victory”.

Now Japanese government is doing exactly the same thing.



  1. Oh, but I think this is a compliment for us readers aswell.
    But it must be hard traveling so much, maybe you need to take a rest next time 🙂
    Really, this is the best (and almost only) news source about Japan/Fukushima.

  2. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Japanese leader pulls some kind of kamikaze urging on conscripted soldiers, They can probably send about 300,000 SDF (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) to die on their sword at Fukushima.

    But the plant really needs nuclear technician expertise. I think the IAEA and NRC and Areva and the Chinese CAEA should all pitch in and send about 100,000 workers each.

    Seriously…I am not joking. There would be a lot of good ideas and maybe they could cap off Fukushima Daiichi. All the Northern Hemisphere is at risk here so why not?


    1. IAEA is only a promoter of nuclear stuff and mainly in the military field. It’s mandatory is this and only this, said by Chris Busby in one of his videos, I think called “one step beyond” or something like that or was it Arnie Gundersen and his wife interviewed, I can’t remember.

      We have just been fooled by the MSM back in June or July. A delegation of IAEA was to travel to Japan if you remember. I understood it was to propose help and ideas to help fix the problems in Fukushima. After their meeting, we had problems to find what came out. When we finally found something, we were disgusted to see it was only about promoting nuclear industry. And recently I understood why.

      Changing subject, Lithuania did measure Fukushima radioactivity from the 20th of March 2011 in the air… said it was one fourth of Chernobyl. Seems quite high when considering the distance from Japan… So they say their maximum values must have been from a non diluted string of the jet stream…

      Changing again subject or place should I say. About three weeks after Fukushima US military intervention starts in Lebanon, using nuclear weaponary, this way it was sure that the less contaminated part of the northern hemisphere has received it’s dose too.

      Last subject revealed by Chris Busby is that true scientists showed that what happened after radioactive contamination (Three Mile Island?) is that the DNA responds to this stress in putting on an alarm mode which enables the DNA to scramble itself. Seems that if his integrity is shaken, it prepares to shift, to remix or reattach and when it occurs the chromosomes change their morphology, rather being nice X, they become circle or other forms, bigger, smaller,… The thing is that this DNA alarm mode turned on is transmitted to the next generation.

  3. I’d send again but can’t; am financially broke, unemployed 13 months, the economy doesn’t want me, but if I figure out the solution, I’ll help you.

  4. Victory implies a war which can be won.
    This war was lost at 31% Fuel rod melt period and that is final!

  5. To whom it concerns:

    The solutions to Fukushima and the threat of nuclear power have been known since the late 1980’s, and earlier:
    1) All the free energy you could ever want, making nuclear power null.
    2) The means to take radioactivity out of radioactive materials.

    The problems bigger than several melted down reactors (contained but breached reactors) and spent fuel pools (uncontained reactors) are:
    1) man’s sinful nature
    2) Satan, a fallen angel most people don’t even believe in
    3) the world system created by the two which is opposed to God

    Do you think men have enough agape (unconditional love) to let their neighbors be free of energy bills? Do you think they’d use a technology to clean up melted down nuclear reactors? Do you think the theory of global warming proponents would allow their baby to perish with free energy making burning hydrocarbons unnecessary? Why would nuclear power technology, which threatens the very existence of man with the eventual Carrington Event, even be entertained as an energy source?

    Further, God wrote the genetic codes of life, they did not happen by chance and could not at all. Satan seeks to destroy them with radioactivity, and works through the greed and pride of men within the nuclear power industry.

    Write me a code for a woodpecker by chance, why don’t you? The drilling beak, tongue, brain shock absorber, tongue glue, tongue solvent, tongue sheath, all have to ‘evolve’ simultaneously for the bird to be successful. It can’t be done by man with the intelligence he has. It can’t be done by random either. Don’t attribute intelligence, decision-making, and other attributes of a person, to random chance, or you’re creating an idol, which can’t see, hear, think, reason, etc.. Those are the first two commandments, “Thou shalt have no other gods before thee.” And, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.”

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