[Express] I was shocked at how many of my hair fell off

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(Kashiwa city Chiba)

I was shocked at the amount of my fallen hair when I was cleaning the floor of my room. Now it looks dirty under my desk because of my fallen hair too. Will I have a bald head though I’m a woman ? I also find a lot of fallen hair of my dog. Like dogs, I wonder if human change the “fur” when the season changes.



This tweeter has posted this information 180,000 Bq/Kg from the yellow substance in Kashiwa Chiba


Français :

[Express] j’ai été choquée par le nombre de mes cheveux qui tombent

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Cette tweeteuse est celle qui avait posté cette information : 180 000 Bq/kg dans une substance jaune à Kashiwa dans Chiba

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