[Express] “Cloud is lined above the border of crustal plate”

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[Express] "Cloud is lined above the border of crustal plate"
Today’s weather satellite photograph is serious. Clouds are lined almost exactly on the border of crustal plate..


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[Express] “Le nuvole sono allineate lungo il confine della zona terrestre”

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La fotografia satellitare del tempo di oggi è peoccupante. Le nuvole sono allineate quasi esattamente sul confine della zona terrestre…
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[Express] “Les nuages se sont alignés à la frontière du plateau continental”

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[Express] "Les nuages se sont alignés à la frontière du plateau continental"
La photographie satellite du jour est grave. Les nuages se sont presque exactement alignés à la frontière du plateau continental.

Article lié : Cercle de nuages

  1. Great point made also recently by David Suzuki in a few HD documentaries showing violent volcanic activity on the ocean floor warming the waters ( COUGH , the main cause of Global Warming , but don’t tell anyone ! ) .

    Here is THAW :


    When the Antartctic Mega Volcano will errupt it will be the sign to sell your Carbon Credits :


    Oh , one day the ‘scientists’ will have no choice but to admit what any Navy with Submarines already knows : most of hurricanes and tropical storms are caused by large amounts of magma surfacing on the bottom of the oceans ( Sandy included ) and creating abnormal surface heating ( THAW events ) …. oh , ya , Right , the Navy Submarines COULD provide Warning …

    1. Conspiracy nuts are often sent in to steer the conversation away from reality, and to marginalize the important message which is actually grounded in reality.

  2. Iori one of our soldiers has been wounded. Please share:

    Coalition Against Nukes (C.A.N.) member, Alexander Higgins, one of the top Fukushima disaster bloggers got hit by a major disaster. He has been (and continues to be) dedicated to sharing the truth with the world. Sharing his heartbreaking update from his home in Brick Township, NJ.
    If you are familiar with his work and his blog… and you can do anything to help him and his family out… Alex’s PayPal address: AlexHiggins732@hotmail.com
    By Alexander Higgins “When I was 16 my “foster” parents through me out on the streets in the middle of the Blizzard of ’96 and I spent the next 8 years battling homelessness. I worked so hard to never have to face that threat again. Sandy just destroyed my house and we don’t have flood insurance. The Ex will be in court first thing filing to get custody back of our son. My wife doesn’t want to have to deal with that as we struggle to rebuild everything. Dark days lie ahead and there is just no simple solution as I find myself homeless once again 16 years later. This time it is not myself I have to fend for but a wife and two kids. My servers and my blog which are my livelyhood are no longer, my family is about to be ripped apart and everything has just been destroyed. Have to keep my head up high and just keep moving forward because as I learned last time around even though I can’t see it there is a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel.”

    1. Agreed with the above statement… It might sound crazy, but look into it, The haarp communication methods in their use of neutrino beams and the interaction potential with a nuclear reactors function could in theory end exactly the way fukushima has. I dont intend to say that, the haarp being from the US is the intended culprit, simply that the technology exists and in theory could be any group with the scientific know how… Again, I am not trying to sound all conspiracy theorist, but frankly this immediately came too mind when i saw the odd cloud formations originally.. food for thought i suppose

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