Kawasaki city mayor, “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”

Schools keep serving contaminated lunch for the students and they don’t even solve the problem.
(cf. Cesium from finished school lunch in Miyagi)

Tokyo newspaper reported Abe, the city mayor of Kawasaki stated they serve radioactive school lunch for educational purpose. “Students need to know they live in danger by consuming radioactive school lunch.”

On 9/4/2012, Abe, the city mayor of Kawasaki city held a regular press conference. Kawasaki is located between Tokyo, and Yokohama, which is the second biggest city in Japan. Kawasaki city has the 8th biggest population in Japan.
Although they measured 9.1 Bq/Kg of cesium from frozen tangerine, and 1.6 Bq/Kg from canned apples, they keep serving them for school lunch since this April.
About this matter, Abe commented like this below,


It’s important for children to know that they live in danger.

He emphasized they serve radioactive lunch for educational purpose.

Yokohama city and Kamakura city stopped serving the contaminated frozen tangerine for school lunch. As to this matter, Abe also commented like this below,


It’s wrong to educate children to be conscious about this level of radiation. There is a risk of being hit by car, there is also a risk of being stabbed by passerby. Should we teach students not to pass by anyone ?

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Kawasaki city mayor, "School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose."




Français :

Le maire de la ville de Kawasaki : “Les écoles servent des repas radioactifs dans un but éducatif.”

Les écoles servent des repas contaminés aux élèves et ils n’ont même pas réglé ce problème.
(cf. Du césium dans les restes des cantines scolaires dans Miyagi)

Le journal de Tokyo a rapporté que M. Abe, maire de la ville de Kawasaki, affirme qu’ils servent des repas radioactifs dans les cantines dans un but éducatif. “Les élèves ont besoin de savoir qu’ils sont en danger en mangeant des repas scolaires radioactifs.”

Le 4 septembre 2012, M. Abe, maire de la ville de Kawasaki, a tenu sa conférence de presse habituelle. Kawasaki est située entre Tokyo et Yokohama qui est la deuxième ville du Japon. La ville de Kawasaki était en 8e position pour le Japon en taille de population.
Bien qu’ils aient relevé 9,1 Bq/kg de césium dans des mandarines congelées et 1,6 Bq/kg dans des compotes de pommes, ils les ont servis à leurs repas scolaires depuis le mois d’avril.
Sur ce fait, M. Abe en a dit ceci :


Il est important que les enfants sachent qu’ils sont en danger.

Il a mis en avant qu’ils servent des repas radioactifs dans un but éducatif.

La ville de Yokohama et celle de Kamakura ont arrêté de servir les mandarines congelées aux repas scolaires.
M. Abe en a dit ceci :


Il est mauvais d’éduquer les enfants à être méfiants de ce niveau de radioactivité. On peut se faire tuer par une voiture, on peut aussi se faire poignarder par un passant. Devrions-nous apprendre à tous les élèves à ne croiser personne ?

Article lié : La ville de Fuchu dans Tokyo va commencer à servir du lait de Fukushima dans ses repas scolaires


Kawasaki city mayor, "School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose."

  1. So the dangers of illegal drug education is what
    pass the crack pipe?

    This man should be………in jail

    How long do parents plan on playing this game with their children
    keep you children home till people like Abe, the city mayor of Kawasaki city
    are put away.

  2. so it IS like I said-rebel or die. well there is no shortage of rebellious anime characters, so I guess this is a very big generational change, potentially. I wish the people of Japan well

  3. Who is this Mayor of Kawasaki? Why is he denying the danger of consuming the foods contaminated with radioactive particles? Is he mentally ill?

    I wonder why the local residents of Kawasaki are letting the apparent mentally ill Mayor “work” in their public office as an “elected official”. The Mayor is obviously endangering the local children by supporting the contaminated school lunch.
    The local residents of Kawasaki should recall the Mayor before many school children get killed by him and his “policy.”

    Those who support a Mayor like this are only the supporters of the so-called Pro-nuke Policy of Japan. Yes, they can go on with their insanity although they are obviously killing off their own kids and grandkids now.
    Same insanity already happened in Japan as the mass Japanese murder-suicides in 1945 in Okinawa, Manchuria and other places when the old Japanese state power and bureaucracy were collapsing. It is called 集団自決 (shudan-jiketsu) in Japanese today.

    Still, the Kawasaki Mayor has no right to force the sane people to eat contaminated foods at schools or anywhere else. I would advise the local poeple of Kawasaki to recall the obviously mantally ill Mayor as soon as possible. Clearly, he does NOT fit the public office.

  4. We are fighting the city of Yokosuka and Zushi over serving these oranges. Finally, i left Japan. We “obtained” some of these oranges from a school and had them tested. We got 11.9bq/kg of combined cesium. see our flyer http://ameblo.jp/yokosukayokosuka/ . Me talking with the city officials in yokosuka pt. 1 http://youtu.be/uurwl1NbQxk
    there is also a part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPuFRnYmLDA&feature=share&list=ULVPuFRnYmLDA
    we handed out thousands of flyers http://youtu.be/Wl4CKqncKLU
    what happened in my kids class? 1st graders force fed oranges http://youtu.be/VoG1u77nU7c

    in the 4th graders class kids arre allowed to have seconds http://youtu.be/C7pFs8rwqXY

  5. this is no different then fucking for virginity how is poisoning the children educational other then using them as lab rats to see how they mutate

  6. How many lives will this fool of a man be responsible for damaging or ending by enforcing his illogical edict of irradiating the most susceptible sector of the population he is entrusted to safeguard and protect.
    ……And when does the instigator of dosing such a known and well understood hazard to the community, cross the line from brain dead administrator to mass murderer.

  7. One thing is clear that japanese can not control themselves at all…

    They can not teach themselves and can not learn from history that they made by themselves.

    Sorry for japanese!

  8. So, using this logic, if I were to set the mayor on fire, I could then defend myself in court on the grounds that it was for educational purposes.

  9. Seriously, rebel or die. Ruby is dead on. The government will NEVER protect you and it will only harm you. If you see this prick in the street kick his damn ass! Make them understand that if you hurt us or our children you will get hurt yourself. Make them accountable, christ! Until we can all understand the state only serves to destroy us and is the most anti-human organization of crime the world has ever known, we will be slaves living on human farms as Stephon (sp?) has described states. They will continue with nuclear as long as they are in power. You don’t need the state since if you are looking for justice, you WILL NOT ever find it with the state. If you don’t want to physically punch this douchebag in the face because you are afraid, then start harrassing him with something that would make him feel as guilty as he should as much as possible but it probably won’t be as effective. You will die, Japan, if you think the government will take care of you or solve this or anything else. Look how they run your freakin economy. Just like the U.S., Europe, and almost all the other slave states or human farms in the world leveraged to the moon and back with more debt than capital!? Boy those states are so effecient and just and such a great stabilizer for humanity. Humans could never think for themselves or participate in an actual free economy that isn’t based on fraud because we are all so stupid. We need our gods, the state and it’s political/physical/economic power to rule us since we are so stupid. Oh wait, they are human too except they face no accountability and literally get away with murder and no one has a choice in being subjected to their will. What a cruel joke that is. What a sick idea of “freedom” most humans have.

    Wake up to reality and grow some fucking balls by fighting the powers that control this and by making the change to society yourself without approval of the government or accept some unaccountable dick poisoning your children and yourself while dying at a younger age due to some insane disease and your kid’s kids probably will fare MUCH worse. The people living in contaminated areas by Chernobyl are doing just fine, right? Kids crying at 5 years old because their heart hurts or they have leukemia. WTF is with these evil anti-human bastards. If humanity doesn’t grow some balls fast and fight this global fascism or I guess just as applicable communism (States, even/esp the US, allocate capital to control production through a centrally controlled authority that rules through violence and force.), then our kids will be slaves just like us and be raped by the state in every way possible with their health being the most damaged. Japan is at the forefront because it’s economy is so obviously unable to continue legitimately and it’s country so unbelievably polluted. Clearly, the amount of money this will cost through additional people needing healthcare because of cancers, strokes, heart attacks, etc. and the “clean-up” costs, as well as the “decommission” of these reactors will bankrupt Japan a thousand times more than the Japan that is already bankrupt at this very moment.

    Don’t think that just because you aren’t sick or you don’t live in super duper contamination that you are any safer than anyone else. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t blindly believe what they are telling you. Don’t ever, ever, ever just accept what some authority tells you especially the fucking “scientists!” It’s obviously in the state’s interest that you all remain obedient slaves who suck up pollution just to continue the state that caused this in the first place!!! Reality is just so insane I laugh out loud anymore when I hear these PR twats or cocksucking politicians pull double speak, obfuscation, and just blatent lies.

    I apologize for some irrationality because of my anger after reading the article, but I think I made some good points and really hope someone learns something from it. Maybe a little perspective and maybe a little soul searching through deconstructing perceived reality and analyzing it. Maybe a little testicle finding as well. I don’t do as much as I should to teach people how to think and just what a fraud our owners are, but Japan is literally a life or death situation in the here and now. What can there possibly be left to live for in such despair? Why would anyone continue to believe what the government or some authority like “experts” tell them despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary of their claims of safety and ambivalence? Are those people sick human beings? Are most humans sick and damaged then? Without actual justice, what kind of society do you/we live in? One thing is for sure and that is the young generations will take humanity to actual freedom. The freedom America pretended to have. Don’t hate the kids since they are almost always aware, many times moreso than elders, of our realities while actively challenging and evolving their own ways of seeing the world. Man, I could write for hours. I’ll just stop here.

    Basically, stop cowering to the state and it’s tyrants being little obedient collectivists who think and act as if the rulers are gods, and start becoming empowered individuals like humans are meant to live. Take back your lives and your health. It’s all we’ve got left to do. Just remember the state sits on it’s asses telling everyone else what they should be doing in order to make themselves more powerful and wealthy, while individuals build humanity from the ground up through actual participation to make our lives and other people’s lives better. /GiantRant

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