[Japan Today] Fukushima offers free medical care for children under 18

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The Fukushima prefectural government this week started offering free medical care for children under 18. It is the first project of its kind in Japan and is aimed at 36,000 children living in the prefecture, health officials said.

According to a prefectural government spokesman, the project is designed to create a more supportive environment for families living in areas where the population outflow due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is significant, TBS reported. Local governments hope the free medical care will act as an incentive for families to remain.

Since last year’s nuclear disaster, almost 18,000 children under the age of 18 have been evacuated outside the prefecture, officials estimate.




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[Japan Today] Fukushima offre gratuitement les soins aux moins de 18 ans

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TOKYO — La préfecture de Fukushima a commencé cette semaine à offrir la gratuité des soins médicaux aux enfants de moins dde 18 ans. C’est le premier projet de cette sorte au Japon et il concerne les 36 000 enfants vivant dans la préfecture, selon un représentant de la Santé.

Selon un porte-parole de la préfecture, le projet est conçu pour créer un environnement plus favorable aux familles vivant dans cette zone où l’hémorragie de population due à l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima Dai-ichi est important, selon TBS. Ces autorités espèrent que cette gratuité des soins médicaux va rendre les familles moins sensibles et les faire rester.

Depuis la catastrophe nucléaire de l’an dernier, pratiquement 18 000 enfants de moins de 18 ans ont été évacués hors de la préfecture estiment des responsables.

  1. Although no doubt that more money wil be borrowed in the name of the Japanese taxpayers (me) to do it, this health care should be extended to the 18,000 children that left Fukushima also.

    Nuclear power operators and large energy consumers MUST PAY for nuclear externalities!

    1. yes
      very well put
      all the children

      But look at the bright side
      soon you wont be paying just for “them”

      yet they still call it
      “affordable energy”

      they forget to mention
      thats just for the energy company

  2. Dear parents,

    this is knowledge from Belarus:

    1. Regular radiometric control of the population and of food products. The
    identification of risk groups – groups of people who have radioactive
    substances in the body;
    2. The evaluation of key factors in the metabolism and in the state of the vital
    organs of the children and adults in the risk group;

    3. Provision of the necessary medical and preventive care for the population. To
    do this, a specialist clinic with modern diagnostic technology needs to be set
    up in the districts;

    4. Individual correction of metabolic imbalance, caused by the prolonged
    presence of Cs-137 in the body, through a planned diet;

    5. Organization of uncontaminated food production (not containing radioactive
    substances) for people with serious metabolic alterations resulting from
    prolonged exposure to incorporated radioactive substances.

    6. An important part of the project consists of informing the public about
    collective and individual health protection measures that are necessary when
    you live in an area contaminated by radioactive elements.


    Practical education is necessary in order to develop cooking skills and radiological knowledge.

    The children should be sent for recuperation in uncontaminated regions as often as twice a year, and the entire programme of radiological protection should be made available to them.

    results of WBC (internal emitters in bodies) measurements taken to create maps of Cs137 radionuclide contamination of children in all districts

    onitoring of radiation in the environment, food, and population; medical examinations; administrative measures; rehabilitation of contaminated areas; the application of modern methods in agriculture and forestry; education; the use of radioprotectors (adsorbants) for the quick elimination of radionuclides from the bodies of people, dairy and beef cattle and so on.


    Fukushima is Food

  3. near my home there is a child. she is about 5yr old. she had a muscles grown on her eye in the cornea. i hope u can help her ….

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