Totoro fighting lymphatic malignancy

Totoro fighting lymphatic malignancy

A lot of pets were separated from their owners because of the nuclear accident.
A woman who looks after abandoned pets met a dog to be given a month to live.

Ms. Tamata (33) moved from Tokyo to Fukushima last October to take care about dogs left in alerting area of Fukushima.
People in shelter help her to take the dogs to walk everyday.
She wants to take responsibility for all the dogs until they all find their own new owners.

She has a special dog.
The dog named “Totoro” is male, was taken over by her last April.
Totoro is now fighting lymphatic malignancy.
Ms Tamata talks, when she took Totoro to veterinary for the first time, he was given only 1~2 months to live. I really wanted to take him to the owner.
She looked for the owner.

2 months later, they finally met each other.
However, the owner is in a shelter as well. He couldn’t take him over, Ms. Tamata decided to be with Totoro until the last moment.

“Since this week, Totoro is being sick, sometimes throws up.”
It’s been 7 months since Totoro was given 1 month to live.

He’s still living.

Ms. Tamata, “We want to see peach flower together.(Blooms in April.) I just want him to be alive, without feeling pain.”

want to have spring together.

That’s what Ms. Tamata hopes.



玉田 久美子さん(33)は、2011年10月に東京から福島に移り住み、福島第1原発周辺の警戒区域で保護された犬たちの世話をしている。

(02/09 12:23 福島テレビ)



  1. Hi Iori!
    Must be horrible for her and Totoro, i lost a dog from a cancer, the last days of her life were horrific and i asked the vet to put an end to it since she was suffering too much.

    I cried reading this, seriously just the name of this dog is too significant, it breaks my heart to think about all these animals but reality is they cannot save all of them.

    I hope they will release them from their houses, shelters so maybe they manage to escape from the zone it’s better than nothing.
    I saw the cows and porks, dying on the farms, eating each others…this is just an abomination, and now the illness from the radiations are coming for them.

    They were not allowed to take their animals with them, i know but these kind of decision are plainly stupid, you know here the people on the streets prefer to die on the cold than leaving their dogs alone.

    Tepco and all the nuclear lobby will pay for this, and i don’t mean money no, the shame they put on their souls and hearts is massive, all these lives are destroy and when payback time come, nobody will want to be them.

    Thx for all your work another time, i really enjoy your vid, it’s like you are next to us and you are a good person it’s obvious ^^

    I wish for all the people and animals and of course the earth that what is happening will never happen one more time, it has gone much too far this time and we humans are facing the future with a lot of choices now: i want a better one and i will never forget what they did to all of us.

    Take care and see you soon =)

  2. “I wish for all the people and animals and of course the earth that what is happening will never happen one more time”
    To make this wish come true, the only way to achieve it is : STOP WITH NUCLEAR ENERGY IMMEDIATELY ! But most politicians still go the other way ; example : France. I invite you to read this :
    Man has not yet understood that Nature will always win ! Whatever goes against Nature, will backfire on Man !!

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