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White powder flying from Chiba to Okayama

White powder is observed in Japan. On 1/1/2012, it was observed in Tokyo for the first time. Radiation level didn’t pick up, most of the people thought it was ash


3,000Bq/kg from Japanese radish

  Fukushima local government measured 3,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from dried Japanese radish produced in Fukushima. They have already sold 102 bags of them (50g per bag) at 5 street

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker suspects the heating gauge is not broken

Actual Fukushima worker, Happy20790 suspects the heating gauge is not broken. Having reactor2 heated over 80℃, he tweeted like this below.   ハッピー @Happy20790 続き1:例え温度計が壊れてたとしても温度計は修理出来ないし残り二つの温度計も壊れてしまったらどうするんだろ?オイラは壊れてないと思うんだけど。デブリ状況も温度計との位置関係も水の流れもわからないけど現象として一カ所だけ上がるのは不思議じゃないと思うんだ。Source <Translate> Even if it’s true


Fukushima local gov requested Tepco to update every 1 hour

Though NISA suggested it was just broken heating gauge, Fukushima local government required Tepco to inform them of the temperature of the reactor every one hour. They also requested Tepco


90℃ in reactor2. Emergency press conference of NISA [Live]

Reactor2 marked 90℃. NISA held  an emergency press conference at 19:00 in JST. They even skipped emergency mail to journalists. NISA is still suspecting it’s because the heating gauge is


82℃ in reactor2 → change the definition of cold shutdown

Video streaming by Ustream Reactor 2 marked 82℃. Tepco increased water amount by 1 tone on 2/11/2012, but increased it by additional 3 tones. Currently, they inject 17.6 tones /h