Cesium pollen started attacking Tokyo

Following up this article ..Cesium pollen will increase the radiation level up to the last April level

Cesium pollen has finally started attacking Tokyo, Saitama, and Kagoshima on 2/9/2012.

Because this winter is colder than usual, it is about 1 week later than average.
The peek is estimated to be early March.
Because the first week of February was extraordinary cold, pollen didn’t fly much but it started flying when it became warmer.

The pollen is estimated to contain 250Bq/g of cesium.
Foresty agency, Japanese government and mass media are downplaying the risk.
Mainichi newspaper reported about it on 2/9/2012, but described this way.

Compared to 2011, the amount of pollen will be smaller.
Tokyo ▽35%
Saitama ▽40%
Kagoshima ▽25%

However, the amount of pollen in 2011 was extraordinary.
The amount of pollen in 2012 will be the average amount.


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