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1. Mutated tangerine. Location : Hamamatsu shi Shizuoka Date : 2/10/2012 Source     2. Mutated morning glory. Location : Kamisushi Ibaraki Date : Unknown Source


Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan

  JP Gov is making legislative bill of Public security law Japanese government killed Fukushima people and eastern Japanese by concealing SPEEDI for longer than 10 days. For the next,

Contaminated water crisis

Grass made holes on pipes

    There have been a lot of leakage from water purifying system since last June. On 2/10/2012, they found out Japanese blood grass make holes on the pressure resistance


How many people should evacuate Japan ?

  Today’s question is Hello Mochizuki San, In your next video, could you say how much of Japan you think should be evacuated? Is the Western part of Honshu ok?

Spent Fuel Pools

Video of reactor4’s SFP

Following up this article ..Tepco released the video of the SFP of reactor 4 The video was released.   Iori Mochizuki


JP Gov is too slow to govern

Following up this article ..39,960 Bq/Kg from ash in Okinawa Pizza shop On 2/10/2012, Foresty agency commanded local governments and organizations in food industry not to use ash to remove

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco released the video of the SFP of reactor 4

                Tepco released the video of the SFP of reactor 4. They took the video on 2/9/2012 to make a plan to take