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0.92 microSv/h from St.Louis

They are concerned that plume flies from Japan to America. Though it is not sure that it’s from Japan, they measured 3.7 times higher level of radiation from snow in


Possibility of Tepco to have broken the heating gauge on purpose

  Following up this article..Another heating gauge is showing increasing temperature The heating gauge of CRD housing has been showing the same trend of temperature as the broken heating gauge.


Jap Gov declared cold shutdown without measuring neutron ray

  Though Tepco stated they could not measure neutron ray in November, Tepco turned out to have no equipment to know if recriticality is going on by measuring neutron ray.

Core removing struggle

Unbroken heating gauges are only 2

  Tepco announced there are only 2 heating gauges which they think are not broken out of 40 heating gauges. Though they have been criticizing that “meltdown” is a fear

Natural disasters

Possibility of epicentral earthquake right under Fukushima plant

  Following up this article ..What’s going on under north latitude 37.0° east longitude140.7° ? Prof. Dapeng Zhao from Tohoku university published his study to warn the possibility of epicentral


Minamisoma blogger “The heating gauge is not broken at reactor2”

The Minamisoma blogger wrote about reactor 2. She comments reactor2 is actually being heated. <Quote> いま、 「 作業員 さん 」 と 「 (元)作業員 さん 」 に、電話で確認をした。 Now I talked on the phone with