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Japanese government is going to raise the safety limit for infant

  Councilor of radiation belonging to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare returned the report to allow them to raise the safety limit of infant food, which is from 50


Conjoint fish

Conjoint larval fish of salmon is found in Fukuchi shi Kyoto Mr. Miyamoto Tadao (67) received 50 eggs from environmental symposium of Yura river on 1/7/2012. He raised them with

Confirmed effects

Message from a reader, “I have some serious thyroid problems”

A couple of FD reader nicely sent me a message. The wife is from Romania and her husband is from Japan. They evacuated Japan on 12/15/2011, when is the next

Contaminated water crisis

Water leaks at 3 more locations

Following up this article ..Cold weather destroys water cooling system On 2/2/2012, Tepco admitted they found 2.5 L of water leaked from 3 other locations of the plant. 2 L

Contaminated water crisis

Actual Fukushima worker suspects an explosion caused 8.5t of water leakage

    Following up this article ..301,750,000 Bq leaked from reactor 4 A Fukushima worker Happy20790 commented 8.5tones of water would take too long to leak from the pipe (Internal