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C.Busby “Govs learnt and JP gov became worse than Soviet”

C.Busby talked on The Alex Jones Channel. (Politically, I’m Anarcho-capitalist.)   Iori Mochizuki


Black substance found in front of School kitchen

Following up this article ..Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray A Fukushima citizen reported to HCR that the black substance was found beside a school. It was right in


Reactor 2 went over 100℃ again

Following up this article ..Tepco secretly increased the water amount to reactor2 Tepco started decreasing the water amount to inject to reactor2 from the night of 2/19, but the heating


Tokyo is contaminated as the worst place in Chernobyl

Following up this article..23,300 Bq/Kg of cesium from 4km of filter plant The contamination level of Mizumoto Park turned out to be the same level of “off-limits zone” in Chernobyl.


When to come to Japan

  I left Paris and now I’m in Tunisia to try to open a press conference and something. I think the next 311 will be a turning point. People may