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Natural disasters

Earthquake map of 2011

The map to show the location and magnitude of historical earthquakes in 2011. From looking at the international map, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia and Chile have most of the


Mr. Koide “There might be somewhere hotter than 100℃”

  On the press conference of 2/7 AM, Tepco announced they ended up injecting 1094 Kg of boric acid to reactor 2 though they were planning to inject 960Kg.  


Symptoms unreported

      As I said on my last video, fixers are working so hard so no one reports what is going on in our bodies. My parents are living

Plant hazard

Reactor 2 may be over 90℃

Reactor may be 90℃, not 70℃. Cold shut down is based on the assumption that the heat gauge has 20℃ of error. The definition of “cold” shut down is when

Food contamination

1,526 Bq/Kg of cesium from Shiitake mushroom sold at a supermarket

  An independent researcher measured 1526 Bq/Kg of cesium from Shiitake mushroom. It was sold at a supermarket in Yokohama. It’s only labelled as “From Japan”. The processing factory is


Thick smoke around reactor 3 and 4

Following up this article ..Gone in the smoke JNN caught the scene from the different angle. This is the screen capture of this. You can’t see reactor 3 and 4


Reactor 2 is still heated. Tepco may have increased the water amount by 10 tones

Reactor 2 doesn’t get cool down. 2/6/2012 23:00 69.9℃ 2/7/2012 5:00 72.2℃ 2/7/2012 10:00 69.0℃ Tepco injected boric acid in the night of 2/6, and increased the water amount by