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Settlement report of 2/28/2012

One of the readers suggested me an idea to show how much donation I gained the day. It may be controversial but would be interesting for some readers. Settlement report


A member of atomic energy society of Japan found dead on the street

  Following up this article..City councilor to measure radiation in Mizumoto park the first was found dead Prof. Ogawa (68) from Risk management department of Chiba institute of science was

Domestic and global Environment

Tama river fish contaminated

Having the opening season for trout and char fishing in March, each local government is measuring radiation level of fish. As the result, it turned out that fish in Tama


Fukushima gov will use contaminated wood for building materials

Fukushima prefecture is going to financially support local governments for tree thinning as forest decontamination as of April of 2012. They are going to pressure Japanese government to include thinning


220 mSv/h in reactor2. Human can’t work

    Tepco announced they investigated the inside of reactor2 by using a remote controlling robot called Quince 2 on 2/27/2012. It measured 127~220 mSv/h near the container vessel in