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There is new MOX in SFP of reactor 3

Reactor 3 is known to be more risky than other reactors because it uses MOX. However, there is un-used MOX in the SFP of reactor as well. In May of

Cover-ups Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

“There is no space to move spent fuel from reactor4, and it’s better than other ones.”

  Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 tweeted about the situation of reactor4. He states they are planning to move the spent fuel to another pool, but the pool is already full

Contaminated water crisis

301,750,000 Bq leaked from reactor 4

Following up this article ..Emergency mail from Tepco   In the evening of 2/1/2012, Tepco admitted that the amount of water leakage was up to 8.5 tones, though they announced


Sea contamination level increased on 1/30/2012

  Tepco announced the samples taken at intake of reactor 2 and 3 contained more radiation then the ones of 1/29/2012. 1/30/2012 At intake of reactor 2 Cesium 134 :


Fisheries Agency lifted the restriction of bonito fishing only by checking 2 fish

Fisheries Agency allowed them to fish bonito in Fukushima offshore except for 30 km area. The day before they lifted the restriction, they allowed them to fish in 530 km


“Can’t see anything.”

A Japanese actor, Chii Takeo (69) was hospitalized. Now he’s having a complete checkup. He hasn’t had any major disease but he suddenly claimed “I can’t see anything.” They say