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2 high school students in the same school died at once

2 high school students, who go to the same school died in the end of 2011. A Fukushima citizen tweeted like these below   子ども福島メーリングリストからの情報→> 偶然に今日来店されたお客様のそれぞれのお友達の息子さん達が、同じ高校でお二人共昨年の暮れに突然心筋梗塞で亡くなられたとのお話がありました。一人は運動部・もう一人は文化部でお二人とも元々心臓疾患はなかったとの事。(続く) — 渡辺(母子避難がんばっぺ) (@k1976k1976) February


Pollen will be contaminated at least for 4 years

Following up this article ..Cesium pollen started attacking Tokyo Full-time lecturer, Noguchi from Nihon university says, Japanese cedar takes 4 years to change the leaves. Until they change them, the

Environmental contamination

500 cars returned for being too radioactive

  Nagoya port authority published they have returned over 500 cars from last August to January from being too radioactive. They are used cars. Used car retailers decided not to


Japan Food campaign is operated by

Japanese government is trying to make Japanese people consume food produced in Fukushima. It’s called, 食べて応援, “Support by eating” and they invest lots of money into CM or performance.