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Pros and cons about evacuation

  I was asked if I think the 311 was artificial, but my I answer is I don’t know. For me, it’s very difficult to believe because Japan is the


Mochizuki talks on a radio show

It’s a short time but Mochizuki talks on the radio show about nuclear situation in Japan and international nuclear mafia such as IAEA or US government. It’s late at night

Domestic and global Environment

58,000 Bq/Kg from the soil of greenhouse

Third sector of Chiba, Chiba engei plastic kako measured 58,000 Bq/ Kg of cesium from the recycled soil of Chiba on 2/13/2012. They have already distributed 140 tones of soil


Radiation hits Tokyo from 2/13 to 2/15

Meteocenter Swiss forecast the radiation flow from Fukushima. According to the report, wind of 10m and 500m height will blow from Fukushima to Tokyo. Radiation is assumed to widely hit


Fall-out intensively increased in Fukushima

While reactor2 was being heated, fall-out level in Fukushima intensively increased. Until 9:00 AM of 2/11/2012, Cesium 134 : 4.45 MBq/km2 Cesium 137 : 6.46 MBq/km2   However, 9:00 AM 2/11/2012


Another heating gauge is showing increasing temperature

Following up this article ..Heating gauge was lost Tepco is asserting the heating gauge set on the bottom of the reactor is broken because other 2 gauges are showing 31~34℃.

Natural disasters

New crater appeared on Mt.Fuji

  On the east side of Mt.Fuji, a new crater (Diameter 500m) appeared, where is 2200m height. Around the crater, more than 10 of the new craters (Diameter 20m~50m) were


Cloud is erased above reactor 2 on Tepco live camera

On Tepco’s Fukushima live camera, it was observed that the cloud is missed above reactor2. The phenomena was found in the video recorded on 15:00~16:00 2/12/2012. Cloud flows from the


Heating gauge was lost

In the press conference of 2/13 PM, Tepco announced they lost the heating gauge of reactor 2. Reactor 2 marked 93.7℃ at 2/13/2012 11:00, but it went to 276.4℃ at