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Local gov pay for the fake comments “I want to go home.”

A person from evacuating area tweeted about the censorship of Fukushima. 谷瀬未紀 @pikaluck @akemizk06512 今日、福島の○○町(避難区域)から来た方が、この町ではTV出演は町を通してと言われてて、「帰りたいです」「復興」って言って出たら町から1万円もらえるという噂を。「避難したいです」は出演不可と。Source <Translate> Today I heard this story from someone in ○○ town (Evacuation area). In that

Domestic and global Environment

23,300 Bq/Kg of cesium from 4km of filter plant

  Members of Japanese communism party measured 23,300 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil of Mizumoto park in Katsushika ku Tokyo. The measurement was done at 4 points in February.


[LIVE] Inside of Fukushima plants (1,500 microSv/h in the bus)

Japanese journalists were allowed to enter Fukushima plants. A Japanese independent journalist group IWJ entered the plants as well. This is the video. Their geiger counter does not stop alarming.


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray

                    Volunteer group in Fukushima, HCR (Cf. this article Life in 20km) found the black substance in Minami soma. They found

Confirmed effects

JP Gov refused to conduct complete checkup for thyroid exposure

  Establishment of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters refused the offer of Nuclear Safety Commission to conduct complete checkup of thyroid for highly exposed children in Iwaki shi. Establishment of Nuclear