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Councilor of radiation is led by a pharmaceutical company and ICRP

Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to raise the safety limit for infant The Councilor of radiation belonging to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has emeritus professor,

Cover-ups Spent Fuel Pools

Whistle-blower “Reactor 4 is inverse pyramid, very unstable and dangerous.”

  A Japanese journalist (a former secretary of Japanese prime minister) tweeted about reactor 4. @minorucchu ジャーナリスト 田中稔 今夜、某国会議員より、福島第一原発4号機原子炉建屋内使用済み燃料プールの状況を、内部告発した技術幹部から聴きたいとの申し出があり、早速連絡をとることにした。4号機を懸念する声が増している。Source <Translate> Tonight, (1/31/2012), a diet lawmaker asked me to take a contact


“the effect on abundance is worse in the Japanese disaster zone.”

Quote from The independent. Source   Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant Researchers working around Japan’s disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say bird populations there have begun to dwindle,

Contaminated water crisis

2 Sv/h from leaked water

Following up this article ..Water leaks at 3 more locations Contaminated water keeps leaking in Fukushima. On 2/3/2012, Tepco found water leaking from the tank of contaminated water. Though it

Food contamination

Cesium beef has been eaten by 180,000 students

  A member of the House of Representatives from Communist Party, Miyamoto Takeshi commented on his blog that about 180,000 students have eaten cesium beef. It is mentioned in this