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Actual disaster report of Fukushima.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency kept the actual disaster report of Fukushima. It was made by the former chief Yoshida Masao from just after 311 to 23:50 of 3/11/2011.  


Greetings from FD

  Hello everyone. I’m Mochizuki Iori. Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time. I’m trying to make a video like Arnie Gundersen or C busby. I stayed in

Contaminated water crisis

Skimmer surge tank level decreasing very rapidly at reactor 4

  Following up this article ..2 Sv/h from leaked water According to plant parameter data of Tepco, the water level of skimmer surge tank has been decreasing very rapidly since


7 microSv/h in Yokohama

  Yokohama city government measured 6.85 microSv/h from Futatsubashi cho Seyaku. (1cm above the ground) The city government analyzes it is because rain water was gathered at the point. 大きな地図で見る

Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Cracking reactor 4

Following up this article ..Cold weather destroys water cooling system Tepco admitted they can not stop water leakage from reactor4, SFP, and pool for the reactor facility which are all