The water level is lower than the heating gauge


Tepco is still struggling to cool down reactor 2, but actual workers are concerned it may damage the water purifying system.

The temperature went down to 66.0℃ at 11:00 2/8/2012, but it increased again.
Tepco increased the water to inject from 13.2m3/h to 13.6m3/h at 9:47 2/9/2012.

02/08 05:00 : 66.7℃
02/08 11:00 : 66.0℃
02/09 05:00 : 67.9℃ (Source)

Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 tweets,
2号機もなかなか温度下がってくれないなぁ…。このままの注水量だと来週くらいに汚染水処理システムの何処かで不具合出るような気がするんだけど…。 Source

It’s taking time to cool down reactor2. If they keep injecting water at this level, probably the contaminated water purifying system will have troubles next week.
In reactor 2, there are 3 heating gauges and 2 are still showing 40℃.
The temperature gap of 30℃ is not modified though they are on the same level. It can’t happen if they are all in water. It is logical to think that the water level is lower than the 3 heating gauges at the bottom of container vessel.



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