I received some questions.

The first question

Many pets seem to have been abandoned in the forbidden zone. What were the circumstances where pets were abandoned? Before the catastrophe, did most pets live indoors with the family, as they do here in the states? Were the pets considered members of the family? If so, how sad it must have been for their owners to abandon them. Why were they abandoned, rather than evacuated with the owners? Are there persons who are trying to help the abandoned animals?

This is an extremely sad thing and even I try not to think about it cuz it tears me.
Of course the pets were treated like their family members like in US. Most of them are cats and dogs. Some had them in house and some outside. They couldn’t take them together because the evacuating order was too sudden, and some had to take bus to come down to Kanto area, some had to go to shelters, where you can’t live with animals. Owners left lots of food but some were found dead because the ring became too tight or ate all the food. Dogs are still easier to survive but cats are having more difficulties to survive in cold.
Sure there are lots of volunteer to feed the left animals and try to find new owners and anything, but because there are too much, they can’t take care about all of them. and it’s not just food they need. They need affection and human besides them. It’s too awful to describe with words. Today I heard a dog found in alerting zone got lymphoma malignum. They are starving, frozen, isolated and exposed. They were living happy with human but all of a sudden, they were left to die.

Another question

it seems crazy to attempt to transfer the severe radioactive contamination from the forbidden zone, to the less contaminated areas of Japan by trucking the debris to far away incinerators and incinerating the radioactive debris. Do some people think the radiation can be destroyed by this process? How can this misconception be arrested before more of Japan is rendered unlivable?

The answer is 99.9% of people don’t care about that. and people in power say, some kind of special bug filter can get rid of 99.9% of cesium. but the fact is, it hasn’t been proven and probably that’s not true because cesium becomes gas. Secondary, they burn the filter at the end so it doesn’t solve anything. At last, it’s not just cesium. There’s also strontium, uranium, tritium, lead, and anything. It doesn’t seem crazy. It is crazy. but if you post this kind of comment like on twitter or anywhere. trolls come like worms to say it’s the ego of Tokyo not to share the pain etc.
Hosono said, they are going to realize the minimum cancer rate in Fukushima. It means, even if you have cancer, they won’t admit it’s because of radiation and say it’s because you didn’t smile or ate too much cheese burger and assert it is your own bad.

The last one

about the symptoms of iodine, i am from upstate new york, i believe our water is contaminated as well, not as bad as japan obviously but we are right beneath the jet stream, I and many I know are getting stomach illness, fatigue as well as skin irritation… if i take a shower and stay under the water too long, I get red rashes and it feels like my skin is burning, much like a sunburn… is this due to iodine radiation?

It’s not iodine. The half life time of iodine is 8 days. There’s no significan amount of iodine in NY at least from Fukushima.
One of my readers in Spain told me he has terrible tooth pain, fatigue and can get recovered from flu. I was like no way, Spain is too far. but as I heard, he is obsessed with Japanese food, imported tea, rice, miso and everything from Japan. That’s it. I heard walmart is still importing from Japan. Now Japanese products are cheap so it must be a good business for them. I think it’s from internal exposure.



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