They measured strontium at 3 locations in Tokyo (one is at METI)

Sample taken: 10/6/2011
Analysis: 10/26/2011
Lab: A private laboratory
Sample: 500g from each (30cm×30cm×5cm)

1) In front of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Sr-89,90: 48 Bq/Kg
  • Cs-137: 26,826 Bq
  • Cs-134: 21,350 Bq

A shrubbery near the tent of the recent Fukushima Mothers protest, where these mothers had been abused by local police and violent right wing criminals, and where these mothers stood up against the incompetent Japanese Government.

It was 1.38 Micro Sv/h. (The person in the tent told, it has been 3.00 Micro Sv/h)



2) Near Kiyosumi Shirakawa station

  • Sr-89,90 : 44 Bq/ Kg
  • Cs-137: 10,502 Bq
  • Cs-134: 8,624 Bq

A shrubbery about 2~3 mins by walking from the station.
It was about 0.60 ~ 0.74 Micro Sv/h.



3) Near Yurakucho station

  • Sr-89,90: 51 Bq/Kg
  • Cs-137:11,545 Bq
  • Cs-134: 9,410 Bq

A shrubbery in front of the station.
It was about 0.60 Micro Sv/h.



These locations were picked up randomly.
Strontium can be scattered everywhere in Tokyo.
The person who measured them says, wind and rain gather hot particles.
They roll and gather so they keep making new hot spots all the time.

Also, when they took the soil sample,they dig the ground by 5cm, but radiation level did not decreased more than half.
Self-proclaimed Japanese government talks us they can decontaminate by digging the ground, but this survey proved it is not effective.

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