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Deceptive health check in Fukushima

Although nothing wrong was found in the health check in Fukushima, 32% of medical staff turned out to have had their thyroid irradiated at a follow-up health check. Nagasaki University


“You can kill yourself anytime”

(To jigai or not to jigai) Yesterday was a mess. I told to my parents that I’m going to move. It was a miniature scale of Japanese society. Dad told


Don’t judge book by its cover

11/28/2011, they found out that rice distributor, Keibeimiyagi Association, used deceptive labeling on the origin of the rice. They labelled Fukushima rice as Miyagi rice, they also labelled unchecked rice


Fukushima chief was one of the criminals

Following up this article Fukushima chief steps down due to illness Though they estimated about 15.7 meters height of Tsunami may have hit the Fukushima plants, former Fukushima chief Yoshida