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Extraordinary amount cesium from fish to south of Fukushima

11/2/2011, Fukushima local government announced their radiation measurement data of fish in about 50 km area from Fukushima plants. They took 109 samples for some reason but 7 of them


Strontium-90 in the air of Tokyo

11/2/2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center finally released the data to show strontium-90 particle was in the air of Tokyo in March. According to their report, from the air


Acute leukemia case is spiking up

@jadesurfkent jadesurf 【拡散希望】 近所の病院に勤める知り合いのコメントです。 「最近病院で、急性白血病が多すぎる。前は悪性リンパ腫 ばっかりだったのに。マジです。気のせいじゃ無い。 そのうち科学的裏付けが取れたら騒がれるんだろうな。 血液疾患診てるとこは絶対にみんな感じてるはず。」 シャレにならない A medical staff of a hospital leaks information. As the person says, the case of acute leukemia is unusually increasing. It


15 more hot spots in Setagaya

Mr Radium needs 15 more radium bottles. 11/2/2011, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology got rid of the radium bottle from the latest hot spot in Setagaya and


Breaking News: Radioactive debris arrived at Tokyo

Submitting petition at Japanese consulate in NYC 11/3/2011 ↓ Radioactive debris at JR Kamotsu terminal 大きな地図で見る Regardless of all the petition from all over the world, Tokyo local government decided