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Reactor 5 and 6 had criticality as well

On Tepco’s press release data of 4/25/2011, Iodine-133 was measured at intake of reactor 5 and 6. 0.15 Bq/cm3 8:50 4/24/2011 0.23 Bq/cm3 14:30 4/24/2011 Also, according to press release


Irradiated emperor family

In my previous post, I reported Japanese emperor is hospitalized for fever. Also, the daughter of prince royal was sent to the hospital for mycoplasma pneumonia. Additionally, Crown Princess Masako


Gingko die before turning to be yellow

Every year, gingko turn to be yellow in this season. Streets look like it’s covered with yellow carpet. However, in Yokohama,gingko is dying before turning to be yellow. Even only


[Video] Occupy Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

10:59 11/12/2011 Japanese citizen are abused by police and Japanese government bureaucrat.