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My birthday is going to end

It’s getting closer when I go to point B. Luckily I managed to find a good foster parents of my turtles and I will let them take over the boys



Kunitachi City “UnTEPCO”, Switching Power Supply Source. Kunitachi City switched its electric power source of the City Hall, Community Center, Schools, etc., totaling in 20 locations, from TEPCO to small


Massive amount of strontium stocked at water purifying system

11/18/2011, Tepco published data of the radiation levels of water purifying system. Because the contaminated water is overflowing, Tepco is struggling to purify and re-use it to cool down. This


They measured strontium at 3 locations in Tokyo (one is at METI)

Sample taken: 10/6/2011 Analysis: 10/26/2011 Lab: A private laboratory Sample: 500g from each (30cm×30cm×5cm) 1) In front of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Sr-89,90: 48 Bq/Kg Cs-137: 26,826 Bq